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written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey Synners thanks for checking out Syn and reading the blogs. 

Today I thought we tackle some of the most common Pet Peeve questions I get from people.  These are common questions I get that are pretty annoying and I’ll try to explain why.   

I want to make it clear I understand how daunting it can be to come to a club like Syn the first time.  I in no way want to imply you shouldn’t ask questions.  Chances are though most of your questions will be answered on this site somewhere.  I just ask that you take the time and read through some of the information before writing me.  Outside of the actual events Syn is pretty much a one man show.  It can be highly annoying when people write you from the website asking common questions like price and hours when they are literally on the main page.    

One of the most common questions I get is how many of certain types of people do you get per party?  Such as age, body type, race, gender ect.     The reason this is annoying is I can’t tell you what type of people are going to show up.  Hundreds of people come to Syn on a regular basis of some degree.  In addition to that we get many Syn Virgins every party.  I have no clue what type of people are going to show up till they show up.  You can come back to back weeks and not recognize one Synner from the week before.  Some people come every week for months and then I don’t see them again for a year.  There is just no way of knowing and there is no set standard.

Another question I get a lot that I rarely answer is “How many people are there?” “Or how’s the crowd?”  I understand not wanting to come out and spend money if it’s a dead night, but to be honest it’s never really a dead night.  Things can change so fast it can feel dead and then we have every inch full of naked bodies 30 mins later.  Exact same in reverse it’s like everyone gets done as same time and clears out.  So no matter how I answer that question it will probably is totally different by the time you get there.  Just come out and see for yourself.  If it seems “slow” just hang out it most likely will change. 

This brings me to my next point.  I cannot tell you what time is a good time to come.  Sometimes everyone is naked and playing by 10 and sometimes everyone hangs out on the patio\bar till almost midnight partying. During the summer there have been times no one showed up till 11 and then next week we be packed by 10:30.

I cannot make people start having sex.  We get all types of people at Syn and we all have our own speed.  The same couple that played all night last week may just want to hang out and chill this week.  Just because there isn’t a gang bang, orgy with 3 midgets and a goat going on doesn’t mean were “slow.” 

Our hours are officially 9-2.  It says on all information that doors open at 8, party starts at 9.  What that means is we open the doors at 8 for the early birds that want to grab certain seats or just get started a little early.  If your there before 9 we will probably still be setting up or working on stuff.  If your there at 8:15 and remark “Man it’s so slow.”  I’m going to question whether you’re someone we want at Syn. 

That’s the rub on why I do things the way I do.  There are certain people we want as Synners.  It has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with the type of person you are.  If you can’t take the time to read and understand the culture your coming into or feel as soon as your there everyone should get naked for your personal enjoyment we probably don’t want you as a Synner.  If you feel it’s slow and are too impatient to see how things go just go home.  If you want things to “get started” get naked and get things started.  If you’re not comfortable with that understand other may not be either. 

Most everyone that comes to Syn are good people that I honestly enjoy being around.  Especially now were smaller we can be selective on who we let in our playground.  If you’re that hung up on any of the above things you probably won’t be a good fit.  If you are a understanding person that treats others with respect you will always be welcomed. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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