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written by Troy Hamilton
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The past few weeks I’ve been having some major issues with Facebook.  At one time FB was a wonderful platform and was a great way to reach people and have direct conversations with Synners.  There were lots of lifestyle groups and was just a wonderful way to meet and connect with people. 

Couple of years ago I shut down the Syn FB group.  FB was cracking down so hard on the groups and the content it just wasn’t worth the hassle.  We tried at that time to migrate to MeWe, but kept a presence on FB and just couldn’t get people to convert. 

Starting a few weeks ago FB shut down not only my Syn account, but the page and my personal account as well.  It wasn’t for risqué pics or memes.  I was shut down literally for asking for party theme names.  While in shutdown I got several more violations from years back including 2017.

I wrote an appeal to FB and got a form letter back basically stating they were too busy being fascist and were not even going to look at my appeal.  If I can’t post about Syn on FB the account becomes worthless.

However people don’t know it’s in restrictions.  So they are still writing me on there and I’m unable to respond.  In one case there was a guy harassing some of the ladies and I was unable to even block or unfriend him.  So we went from worthless to an actual liability.  

I tried to make another account just to respond to messages and I was able to get through the messages before FB shut down that account even though I didn’t post anything on there.  At that time I decided to just delete all Syn presence on FB. I was hoping to  wait until I made bail one more time so I could let everyone know, but it is getting ridiculous.  I still have my personal account, but if it’s going to stay locked down there is no point in having it either. 

So we are going full force to MeWe.  Every time I mention MeWe someone says something to the effect “I don’t care for MeWe.”  MeWe is a FB clone everything works almost the exact same way.  What I think most don’t like is there just isn’t as much content as FB.  It’s going to be that way until we make an effort to go there and make it better.  We all complain about FB but we refuse to do anything about it.  It’s like an abusive partner we just put up with because we don’t want to start over.  Things aren’t going to change until we effect that change. 

MeWe is fantastic for people in the lifestyle.  You can use a fake name and post what you want because chances are your family and close friends aren’t over there.  They don’t sell your info and have no ads.  They have a “premium” option you can buy, but you can do everything for free.  I will buy their premium option because I want to support them and see them succeed.  In no way though is it mandatory. 

Come join us as of this writing we do not have a group up but should very shortly. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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