Theme Spotlight: Cum One, Cum All

written by Troy Hamilton
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I thought it would be fun to do a “Theme Spotlight” for some of the more regular themes we have.  Our first one is a no brainer.  Our Cum One Cum all event is this Saturday and it is without a doubt our biggest event we run. 

The idea of a gangbang is nothing new.  I originally strayed away from such themes like gangbang or glory hole because I wanted a more classier vibe.  However I came to find out that a gang bang is a huge fantasy for many women.  Sexy, classy regular women that want to fulfill this fantasy in a safe environment.    

I don’t think I was even thinking gangbang when I came up with the idea.  Typical rules at Syn are you are supposed to ask before touching and you really aren’t supposed to approach anyone already on a bed unless invited.  The good thing is most everyone respects this rule and is very respectful. However if your there looking for lots of action it can be a bit of hindrance if everyone is being too respectful.   So I was trying to think of a way for couples to have something that basically said “Open for business.”  That’s how the Cum One, Cum All theme came to be. 

Basically, we light up the king bed and if a lady is on a bed that is lit you don’t have to ask permission before engaging is any type of sexual play.  However, you still have to respect no and her rules.  If she has rules like condoms, oral or anything like that she may have a spotter there to make sure those rules are being followed.

Few hints for the fellas.  Even if the lady is on the bed, you still respect her.  The rule I usually follow is “treat her like a lady until she tells you otherwise.”  She may want to be treated like a whore for a bit, but until you have a reasonable assurance she wants to be treated otherwise, treat her like a lady. 

Once she is off the bed the rules reset.  I don’t care if you watched her take more loads then Fedex once she is off the bed you need to have reasonable permission to touch her again.  Women can have mixed feelings when engaging in this fantasy especially the first time.   Same thing goes if you see her at a future event.  Just because she engaged in that activity before doesn’t mean she’s open to it every time.  It might have been a 1 time experiment. You will never go wrong being respectful. 

I get asked a lot about “How do these go, How many ladies, How many dudes, are the ladies hot, are the men hung.”  I can’t tell you that.  These never go the same way every time.  The very first one was all women and I don’t think one dude joined in.  That actually led to the “sister” theme of the Ladies Only Gangbang.  I will tell you that the dudes are actually the hold up if there is one.  We have attractive ladies on the bed and lots of dudes standing around.  I understand it’s hard to be first and it’s hard to perform in a room full of people.  That however is what a gangbang is. 

Solo ladies: Ladies maybe you have this fantasy and none of your friends understand. I want you to know you will be very safe coming to any Syn event solo. Solo ladies are well protected at Syn. You will not be pawed and manhandled unless you want to be pawed and manhandled. Contact us and we can escort you in and out if you like. Every other event solo ladies are free however for this event only we ask that solo ladies pay 20.00. If you are planning to partake in the event we can waive that fee. We simply don’t have the room for non contributing guests at this event.

I get asked a lot as well when the next one is.  We plan on running this theme every other month.  Every month however there should be some type of “Bang” theme.  Either the traditional, the ladies only (Girls Who Like Girls) or the blowbang (Fellatio Fantasy)

If you are a couple or a single lady that is looking for a single male this is a good event even if you do not want the “full experience”.  There will be lots of males here for you to take to a more “private” bed.

Speaking of the place will be packed.  Like can barely move packed.   When we were doing the bar take overs we usually topped out at about 300 people that would take over the playroom, bar and strip club.  Were obviously not letting in that many people under the current setup.  I don’t have an exact number of people I will let in.  It depends on where the people are congregating, how early they arrive or leave ect.  I’m trying to find a nice balance between letting in as many as I can and making a fun party.  Too many people can obviously be an issue.  Turning people away that want to have fun is also not good. If you for sure want to be able to get in buy a ticket.  If you missed buying a ticket come early or come late, but there no guarantee of entry unless you have a ticket. 

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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