Theme Spotlight: Synful Sybian

written by Troy Hamilton
2 · 05 · 21

Hey Synners time for another Theme Spotlight blog post.  This time we will be discussion our Synful Sybian Theme.  I’m going to include a few pictures for those of you that aren’t familiar with this toy.  I usually describe it as a horse saddle that vibrates. 

We started this theme a few years back.  Couple of regulars  Martin and Donna had a Sybian and offered to bring it to Syn.  At first we were doing private events for our regulars and not doing it on the Saturday nights.  They do an amazing job with it.  Donna would run it and Martin would help the ladies pick out the attachments, answer any questions then make sure everything was well cleaned and sanitized for the next Synner.  I was very impressed with how professional and well ran the whole operation went. 

Apparently we wore theirs out because it shut down one party and couldn’t be resurrected.  We went a while without one before I finally got around to buying one for the club.  Now technically mine is a Motor Bunny and not a Sybian.  They are pretty much clones of each other though with very few differences.  We still call it Synful Sybian because I like the name. 

So on party nights how it goes is you can go up to whichever staff is in the room and ask questions, look at attachments and reserve yourself a place in line.  When it’s your turn to ride you pick the attachment you want and a staff member will run the controls while you enjoy yourself.  If you like you can have a person sit in front of you for support. 

The orgasms are intense and when most women are done they have a hard time walking.  So we reserve the bed next to the machine for you to recover and cuddle on afterwards.  Well you’re trying to stop shaking we clean and sanitize everything for the next Synner.   We can also provide a condom if you wish though most women actually pick the clit vibration attachment over any insetables. 

When Martin and Donna are there we have a lot more attachments and they are their just to run the sybian.  When they aren’t able to make it we will still have dedicated staff and the procedures will be the same.  We won’t have as many attachments but we’ll have the most popular ones. 

If you’re coming to Syn your most likely a sexual being.  You owe it to yourself to come try it at least once.  If you never experienced it it’s like nothing you ever felt before.  It can be hard to let go in a room full of people.  However once you get past that and relax it’s an amazing experience.  If you’re on the shy side your partner can sit across from you where you’re  a bit  hidden.   As a voyeur I love it when I can see a bare breasted woman having so many orgasms she almost can’t stand it.  However that is not a requirement.  You can wear a dress and be completely covered.  I’ll just pout a little…..

Dudes aren’t allowed on the Sybian.  We’re not cleaning that up.   Yes it’s a double standard, no we don’t care. 

I think that wraps it up.  Thanks for reading! 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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