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written by Troy Hamilton
2 · 09 · 21

Hey Synners welcome to the Syn blog.   Today I wanted to talk about Syn and the Single Male.  Single males can be a controversial subject in the lifestyle.  I wanted to discuss Syn’s single male policy and give some guidelines for the single males and those that enjoy them. 

For those that don’t know Syn in the second lifestyle club I’ve owned.  I sold my first one and moved to Las Vegas for a couple of years.   On a future blog I will discuss how I started running lifestyle clubs and the evolution of Syn. 

When I had my first club almost 20 years ago single males were very taboo.  Just even having 1 or 2 at a party would turn people off.  So clubs had these huge hoops a single male had to jump through with all sorts of restrictions and high prices.  When I opened Syn I had many of those same restrictions and obstacles.  As time went on the couples I really enjoyed having at Syn started asking more and more for a night or two where those restrictions were eased.  What really made me open to it were the couples that were asking it.  They were all my most loyal, low drama easy going couples.  I wanted to make these couples happy so I went along with it. 

Immediately the more single friendly events were a huge success.  I was expecting all sorts of issues with allowing more single males in.  For the most part everything ran great and everyone was very happy.  This kept evolving over the years to where we are at now where Syn is by far the most single male friendly club I know. 

You might be asking then why does Syn still engages in many double standards regarding males and why is the price higher with all these restrictions.  The reason is so many single males are just awful.  I could sugar coat it and phrase it a different way, but the things I have had to deal with and I have seen women having to deal with are just awful.  There is a reason why stereotypes become stereotypes.  Is it fair that a whole group is painted with the same brush?  Of course it’s not however at the same time if you’re constantly having issues with a certain group of people you have to have precautions in place. 

When you look at the policies of similar clubs across the US you will see how single friendly Syn is.  Many clubs charge 100-200 a night and still restrict you to certain areas or make you stand x feet from anyone else.  Many times there is a vetting process and\or you must be refereed by someone already known to the establishment.   It’s all about balance and the easiest way to make sure you get the type of people you want is having a substantial door charge.  It also keeps people in line.  If you are asked to leave because of bad behavior you are not getting your money back. 

Speaking of balance you will notice on the website we limit the number of single male tickets to 3 on most nights.  If you actually come to Syn you are likely to see more than 3 single males there.  If you buy a ticket you are guaranteed entry.  If you just show up at the door you taking a chance of not being let in.  I’ll be blunt and tell you that it depends on who I have there, if I know you and how you present yourself. 

Syn is a Female Focused club.  By that I mean our main objective is to make the ladies feel safe and cater to their wants.  If I have ladies there that like single males I’ll let more in, if most are into other ladies or full swap I let less in.  Most the time I have plenty of women that want to play so it tends to be more then 3. 

If you are a couple that doesn’t care for single males and feel I let to many in I understand.  As of right now the couples\single female parties are just not drawing like the more single male parties do.  When I have the couples only events come out and support them if you want more of them.  I’m trying to find a balance for as many as I can. 

I was planning on including a guideline for single males in this blog as well.  However I realize now that would make it too long so I’m going to end this here for now.  I’ll get another blog up soon for guidelines for solo guys coming. 

Everyone be safe and have a great week. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. C

    PERSONALLY, i have not Had a problem with the single males… I like Them and have foUnd them to be respectful for the most part.
    As a couple, we enjoy Syn. We support it and want it to Be successful, even if we don’t go every weekend.


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