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written by Troy Hamilton
3 · 03 · 21

Hey everyone we are going to go ahead and open up a group on MeWe.  This will not be a Syn only group and will cater toward local swingers, poly and fetish peeps.

We’re doing this group a bit different then groups in the past.  My groups in the past were very strict on whom we let in and you had to literally come to Syn every 90 days or you got removed.  I’ve noticed on FB a lot of the poly groups have issues with swingers coming in because they are new and the poly groups are easier to get into then the swinger groups. 

I decided if I ever do a group again it will be more accessible and be a place for these new people that are looking for resources to find.  Lot of groups are big on “not hooking up” and I don’t see why a group can’t facilitate meeting each other while also providing information and resources.  We get so many new people through Syn that we need a place where they can meet and learn. 

I’m bringing in a hostess to help run things because years of dealing with the public has made me just about hate people.  I’m very grateful for Suzi agreeing to start this group with me.  She was the first one I thought of and was thrilled when she agreed.  She’s going to be the nice pretty hostess while I’ll be the grumpy wizard behind the curtain.  I’ll be handling the more educational resource side of things while she handles the fun stuff. 

One of the dilemmas we have in having a more open group is well…. that it’s open.  I’ve always leaned toward the more secretive side when it comes to groups because people are putting their business out there.  That’s why MeWe is great for this.  Chances are all your vanilla friends and family aren’t on MeWe.  You also don’t have to have your real name on MeWe so it is perfect for having your kink side over there and your vanilla side on FB. 

There is going to be criteria for getting in.  You need to have a pic in your profile and were going to ask you a few questions.  If we don’t like the answers you’re not getting in.  If you are just there to look at boobs and not participate you will probably get removed.  There are plenty of porn sites around.  If all you want to do is post a bunch of random porn you will be ask to cut it out.  Again we all know how to find porn. 

I understand this set up won’t be for everyone.  There are plenty of groups that do things the more traditional way. I see no reason to have yet another group that is similar to all the other groups.  All of this is subject to change at any time if it’s not working.  However I will let everyone know before hand of any changes and will be upfront with everything.  If it’s not for you I understand.  If it is we love for you to join us.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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