What does “Sold Out” mean?

written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey Synners thanks for taking the time to read the blogs.  Reading through the website helps you be more informed with what’s going on and helps make my life a lot easier.  I really do appreciate it. 

With warmer weather coming we are starting to sell out a lot more.  I wanted to go into detail about what exactly “sold out” means when you see it.  People often ask how many tickets are sold and what exactly is the amount where we are labeled sold out.  I never answer this question because it really is a dynamic number. 

When we were taking over the bar we simply let in as many as came.  Many times, this resulted in the place just being packed.  A full club is obviously a good thing, however there comes a time where you can’t use the facilities, move or even breathe where there is just too many.  We have way less space now and I’m trying to find the balance of how many is a good number.  50-75 seems to be a good amount of people when everyone is in the playroom and on the patio.  However not everyone hangs out there all night.  Many come and go either to bar, strip club or even dinner or back to their hotel room to play.  So simply only letting in 75 people is not the right answer. 

We have many regulars that prefer to pay cash at the door.  I generally have a good idea of how many of them will be showing up each night.  So, If I sold only 20 couple tickets that doesn’t mean only 40 people will be there.  I also like to leave some room for walkup clientele that never checks the website and has no clue what the theme is just show up. 

So, when you buy a ticket you are guaranteed entry.    No matter how late you come or how full we are I will let you in.  If you don’t buy a ticket you are taking a chance of being turned away.   On most “normal” nights you have a pretty good chance of being let in.  If not right then within an hour the “wave” will pass and we’ll have more room.  Many times, people will pay then go hang out in the bar for a while until we clear out a bit. 

It could also depend on the makeup of the clientele already there.  If I have lots of ladies wanting single males I may let a male in and turn away a couple.  A male takes up half as much room and the ladies need some fresh meat.  If there is more traditional swinging going on I may turn away a male and let in a couple or single lady.  It’s why we only sell 3 male tickets per a party, but there tends to be more then that there.  Selling only 3 gives me much more control over who I let in.  I never turn away anyone based off of looks and rarely dress.  So, if you get turned away don’t take it personally.  Unless you were intoxicated then don’t drink as much before you come. 

When you buy a ticket, your name goes on the list at the front door.  When I label a party “Sold Out” it means a few things.  It means the list is long and were going to be busy so I don’t want to keep having to update it while the night goes on.   It slows down the flow and hopefully keeps a few from coming out and it gives me more control at the door. 

If your reading this blog your more informed and the type of people I want there.  So, I will give you a bit of a cheat code.  Most normal nights even if we are sold out you’ll be able to get in.  I use to put phone number on the site for people to text and see if we had room available.  I had to take it off because people were blowing up the phone asking many questions that were answered on the website.  Many times, literally the next line after the phone number. 

If you took time to read this blog I’m going to assume you won’t be texting me and asking me things like the cover charge or if were open.  Nor texting me because your just lonely and bored.  If the site is listed as sold out and you want to make sure there is room feel free to text us at 918-346-3585.  Calls will not be answered; the phone is only turned on party nights and any other questions will most likely be ignored.  Feel free to use the contact link located on the home page for all other inquiries. 

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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