The Syn of Poly

written by Troy Hamilton
4 · 08 · 21

With COVID restrictions getting lifted and the weather warming up I’ve noticed more questions about Syn across the various Poly network groups.  I thought I take some time to talk about Syn in the context of a poly dynamic. 

I never wanted Syn to be labeled a “swingers club” I wanted a place where all alternative lifestyles could come congregate and interact.  Pre COVID, we took over the bar and had a lot of room for socializing in.  When the pandemic hit, I had to make a lot of changes to survive.  We got away from the bar and I built a BYOL Party Patio to socialize in.  We went from about 200+ people every Saturday to about 75-100.

With the social area getting reduced so drastically our clientele changed as well.  Before lots of people would come and hang out never interacting sexually in any manner.  Now the play space is the more dominate space so we attract more people that plan on interacting in a sexual manner.  At this time our clientele consists more of Hotwives, single males and people in general that are there to get naked with someone. 

There is still a lot of social interaction but it is in tandem with playing with each other’s genital’s.  So if you are someone that has very little sex drive or that a sexual connection isn’t important Syn at this time may not be ideal for you.  Playing with others is never an expectation and we get many people that come to play only with each other and interact with like minded people.  However, they still enjoy the sexually charged atmosphere. 

If you are a Unicorn Hunting couple, we do get many women that are solo or play solo.  However, these are wild, untamed Unicorns.  If you are someone that gets upset to see a Unicorn you were interacting with frolicking in someone else’s pasture Syn may not be ideal for you. 

I by no means want to discourage you from coming.  Everyone is welcome at Syn regardless of dynamic or sexual orientation.  I also want to stress playing with others is not a requirement and you should never feel pressured.  We still get plenty of people that come just to watch and hang out.  I just want to post information and cue everyone in on the vibe before you decide to spend your money. 

Any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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