Themes, Masks & Glory Holes

written by Troy Hamilton
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I wanted to take some time and talk about themes.  Every now and then I get a message that says something like “You should have theme nights.”  We have a theme every night we are open.  I for the life of me do not understand how you can make it far enough into the website to ask me this, but not see the giant list of theme nights on the main page. 

Themes are just suggestions and are never mandatory.  If there is a theme you’re not interested in there is no worries.   A large percentage of the people that come to Syn have no clue what the theme is and really don’t care.  You’ll find all the normal Synful activities going on.   Though we do suggest reading over the website so you have a general idea of what’s going on. 

No matter the theme couples and single women will always be welcome.  We may run a “couples only” event now and then that restricts single males.  However, those events will literally be called “Couples Only” and single ladies will still be allowed in.  At this time it is rare for us to run them because they simply are not as popular as our other events. 

I’ll get messages a lot asking “What’s the theme this week,” I will simply send you to the website.  Its much easier and faster for you to simply go look at the website instead of messaging me.  Unless you’re a female that includes a picture of your tits as well.  Then I will be happy to explain the theme in great detail. 

Also I get messages a lot  with these grand ideas for themes.  Understand we are a weekly club that a good portion of the clientele doesn’t even know if there is a theme.  Yes, it would be awesome to have a roaring 20’s theme where every dressed up and we play 20’s music all night.  If we have one party a year, we could probably do that.  Otherwise, people will ask “Can’t we just fuck?” 

About once a week someone will ask me about mask or suggest a masquerade.  We have run many in the past and will run some in the future.  While they look super sexy in the movies the reality is you get tired of wearing one very quickly.  In today’s world especially going mask free is way more fun.   About 2 hours in the people that did wear a mask have taken theirs off and hardly anyone is wearing one.  Its just more trash I have to clean up at the end of the night.

Virgins of Syn will often ask me about wearing masks the first time.  They are afraid someone will see them, rat them out and their careers will be over.  There are no rules against it.  However, you will find very quickly you are drawing more attention to yourself and will get annoyed with it after about an hour.  Remember anyone you meet is there for the same reason you are.  Especially now with the higher door charge.  We get people from all walks of life and being in an open relationship has less of a stigma today then in the past. 

Also, about once a week I get asked about having a Glory Hole.  Syn will never have a glory hole and here’s why.   I’ve done quite a bit of research into the clientele about what they want A glory hole.  Everyone says something similar as “I want a glory hole, but I want to be able to see who’s in it or who’s dick I’m sucking….”

THEN YOU DON’T WANT A FUCKING GLORY HOLE! You want a blowjob with more steps. 

I came up with the Blowbang event to help the people that apparently want a plexiglass glory hole.  If it went well, I was going to consider it.  What happens is I have plenty of girls that want to suck cock and a bunch of guys sitting on their hands.  Space is at a premium at Syn.  If I can have women sitting on a bed with literally lights indicating they are there to suck cock and you still won’t step up I’m not going to use the space for a contraption that no one would use. 

Finally, I want Syn to be a sensual, sexy space.  I want you to feel like a lady while you’re gagging on cock.  Glory holes are best reserved for truck stops and dirty theaters to me. 

Thanks for reading I really do appreciate it.  I’m getting good feedback on the blogs and it’s helping mitigate some of the repetitive questions I get asked. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Kelly

    We are trav 300 miles to come this weekend. Only FAMILIAR with exit at Casino off 44w to turner TURNPIKE. Am looking for a nice hotel close to cLUB. Can u help me Out

    • Troy Hamilton

      Click the location link at the top. It has details on location as well as the nearby hotels.

  2. Mike

    Is bi men acceptable?

    • Troy Hamilton

      Yes however we honestly get very little Bi male play at most events. We should be running a Bi Male event in August might be a better time to explore that side.

  3. Gr

    So this just happened. I’m in Tulsa searching for LS activities with a female companion. So the internet shows me syn is having an event. Long story short there is no syn club just a bs strip club with garbage ass dancers

    • Troy Hamilton

      We were at max capacity tonight you went to the wrong place. Try reading the location link next time. We stay hidden to people with garbage ass reading comprehension.


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