The Intoxicated Synner

written by Troy Hamilton
8 · 30 · 21

Hey Synners in todays blog I want to touch on a few topics about intoxication and people truly in the lifestyle.

I don’t want to single anyone out, but I had a conversation with a Synner last night that encompassed so many issues I thought I tell the story here.  She is a very attractive single lady that is\was a regular at Syn.  We had to have a heart-to-heart last night about if Syn was the right place for her.  On the surface that seems like a bad decision so I will elaborate my thinking.  It’s something I like everyone to consider. 

Every night she came she pop in early to get her wristband.  She is semi sober and fine we would even discuss her not hanging out to the bar all night.  We even talked about me keeping her bra and top so she couldn’t go over there. 

Then off to the bar she goes.  Where non-lifestyle guys would push shots on her trying to get her drunk to get in her pants.  When they got too handsy or pushy she come back over to our side.  She would go back and forth all night.    Then at the end of the night she come into the play room loud and intoxicated to play. 

A few issues with this. One of the big issues is the guys try to follow her over.  To her this is a good thing because some pay.  We are plenty busy and do not need non-lifestyle people there.  If we have issues, it’s almost always people that wandered over from the bar.  Many don’t want to pay and will try all manners of tricks to sneak in or hang out over there.  Nights she is there we have an uptick in these issues.  With us being smaller we can have a better crowd and less non Synners.   Even if they do pay, I do not want someone that would pay 60.00 to try and take advantage of an intoxicated woman. 

All through the night she will wear me out talking about how guys are following her and she can’t shake them. I keep telling her to stop going over there and that would happen less.  When she would play, she would then tell me how she didn’t really want to but they insisted. 

Women feeling safe at Syn is our primary priority.  If you’re not saying no, or telling me explicitly this guy (that is actually in my club) is bothering me there isn’t much I can do.  If you’re constantly playing and regretting it that is a problem.  Situations like that I watch very closely but if I don’t see you making any attempt at NO then I can’t do much. 

Then there is the situation of her getting home every night.  If she has an accident and they find out where she came from that puts Syn as a whole in jeopardy. 

For her safety, the safety of the club and other ladies in it we discussed her not coming unless she can maintain. 

Intoxicated is never sexy.  If you’re a dude chances are it’s going to lead you to cock block yourself on more ways then one.  If you’re a lady it puts you in a compromised position and it puts everyone in danger at the end of the night. 

We have had a handful of people wander over from the bar that are good people that get it and became regulars.  Vast majority though are non-lifestyle people that don’t get it and cause us issues. 

One of the reasons I pulled Syn from Facebook is to shake the non-lifestyle people.  We are smaller now and we don’t need to attract 100’s anymore.  (Though we seem to still get around 200 on bar takeover nights.)  I rather have a small club with good people then a large club and deal with issues. 

Thank you everyone and if you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave them here. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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