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written by Troy Hamilton
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I get asked a lot if it’s ok to come and just watch.  Many aren’t comfortable playing in public right away and watching is a good way to slowly ease in.  The answer is yes, but there are a few things I wanted to discuss when it comes to being a voyeur.  

We do have some seating in the Naughty Room at Syn.  However the main focus of the playroom is to well….play and get naughty.  So the room is set up to get naked in and the seating is very limited.  You are allowed to sit on a bed and watch however if there is anyone needing the bed to play on that becomes priority and you will be asked to move.  

For the most part everyone does really well respecting each other as we can in such a small space.  There are a few etiquette topics I like to address though.  

Energy:  This is something that’s hard to explain but everyone can feel.  Few events back we had our Cum One, Cum All event.  This is our most popular event and always good for lots of action.  However, at this event nothing was going on.  The room was packed, but everyone was just staring at the center bed waiting for something to happen.  Some of the watchers were complaining how nothing was going on.  

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Don’t complain that no one is naked if you’re not willing to get things started yourself.  Would you want to be laid out naked with an entire room staring at you?   If not don’t expect anyone else to. If you do then get naked and get it started.  

You can be a voyeur and still add to the energy.  Caress and kiss each other, show her off a little.  If they can watch you back you are adding to the energy of the room without having to go all the way in public.  About midnight all the watchers got bored and left.  The room exploded with sexual activity as soon as it cleared out some.  The next two of the same events we had naked bodies everywhere by 9:30 with a completely different vibe.

Talking: We ask for quiet voices in the Naughty Room.  It’s hard enough to play in front of strangers without them carrying on, laughing and talking about non sexy things.  You have to get to know each other, we understand.  However that is what the patio is for and you can also utilize the bar.  It’s one of the reasons we don’t allow you to drink in  there (there are many) It’s not the socializing area.  It’s the get naughty area.  Be respectful and if you can’t you’ll be asked to leave.  

Single Men:  If you are solo please do not take up the sofas made for two people.  We have single person seating and would prefer you to use that.  Only person that would be able to sit by you is another single dude and you most likely aren’t wanting that.  

One thing single guys do that drives me up the wall is hover near a bed and just stare at the couple playing.  I hate this, but the issue we face is the male gets invited to join just enough to make it difficult to judge if we should say something or not.  Guys the “Stare at them till they invite me”  method does work sometimes however I would really appreciate it if you didn’t just hover and stare creepily.  You can politely ask if they would like company however if you see them turn down other guys please don’t keep bothering them.  We get lots of ladies that like solo studs, no reason to bother the ones that aren’t into that.  

If you are a couple and this happens to you feel free to let a staff member know and we will be happy to shew the solo dudes away.  We get so many couples into solo guys though we don’t know till we know.  

I think that covers most of the points I was wanting to make.  In general just treat others like you would want to be treated.  If you don’t want someone staring at you or laughing while you’re trying to get laid don’t do it to others.  If you are into that let us know we have a bed now on the patio we’ll all come out to point and laugh while you try to get it on. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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