Memberships, Vetting and Secret Handshakes

written by Troy Hamilton
12 · 28 · 21

One of the questions I get often is regards to vetting, memberships and such.  So many clubs have hoops you have to jump through to come people just assume you need to do the same at Syn.  

You don’t, just show up.   

I know some will feel that’s unusual or unsafe so let me elaborate on this.  The basic philosophy is that everyone is welcome regardless of looks, age, race or sexual orintation.  Once you’re there if you don’t act right you’ll be asked to leave.  However, everyone gets a chance.  

If you think about Vetting it’s really more a false sense of safety.  Really, how much are you going to learn by a pic and maybe a chat?  If you’re going strictly off looks, what is more important to a club personality or looks?  Ideally you love to have a bunch of 10’s that are great people walking around bare breasted in your club.  If you can figure out how to do that every Saturday night in Tulsa you need to open up your own club right away.  

I don’t think most places really do it.  To truly run your name against any type of background check you would need more info then just a name.  Are these places asking for your SSN?  Your ID to prove the name your giving is really yours?  If not, how much of a background check can they do?  

This idea that everyone has been background checked, vetted with clean STD and Vax cards in hand is a neat idea.  In reality a club like that is not going to work in Tulsa, OK.  If I had a club the size of Syn in a major market maybe.  This idea of a secret society is super sexy, however how do you grow if it’s a secret?  

My philosophy would change a bit if I ran a BDSM Club. In that environment you are literally putting each other in compromising positions.  I would at least like to have a quick chat with new people to see where their heads are at.   

We do a bit of orientation with the new people.  You get a real feel for someone pretty quick during this time.  Just a couple of weeks ago I kicked a group of young ladies out during orientation.  They obviously weren’t mature enough to be in the club.  If any red flags come up at any time the staff talks about it and that person is watched more closely and could be put on “a short leash.”  Which means they will be asked to leave or get more stern of a warning then another person would.  After doing this for 20 years I can get a sense of someone’s energy and know if they are going to be an issue or not.   Regardless though everyone gets a chance.  

Again the idea that new people have to jump through all these hoops to join is a good idea in theory.  In practice though it limits how many people you get and it can limit your growth.  

Memberships:  Most clubs want you to become a member.  I understand the idea behind this as the “private membership”  gives you a sense of security.  It’s also another revenue stream for the club to be profitable.  My philosophy on that is if whatever authority wanted to shut down a  club the “private members”  thing really isn’t going to save you.  At same time I don’t see NOT charging a membership as a reason anyone would come after us.  So it’s just another barrier to keep new people away.  I try real hard to balance profit with giving everyone a good value.  If I ever HAVE to go the membership route I will do all I can to make sure you are not dishing out a lot of money for the first visit.  

On a similar point I get asked if you need to show recent negative test results.  The way I look at it you are all adults.  The way you play is decided by you.  If you want to take 20 guys raw or want them to wrap it in a hefty bag that is between you and your partners.  

These days I get asked about masks and vax cards.  If you are that worried about COVID a sex club may not be the best place for you.  

We do however have a secret handshake.  It starts with a woman putting her hands in the air like she is going for high fives.  The other person then puts their hands on her breast and gives a firm squeeze.  (Firmness is always important in handshakes) This is a super exclusive, secret shake, however I am teaching it to as many women as I can.  

Everyone be safe and I will see you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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