Update On Brian

written by Troy Hamilton
7 · 03 · 22

Hey, everyone, I get asked every Saturday how Brian is doing. For those that don’t know Brian our outside security had a stroke a couple month back. He seems to be doing better and while the road to recovery will be a bit long it’s at least there.

Brian had a rough couple of years there trying to find good full-time employment. He finally found his dream job (Other than working for me of course) and things were going well when this happened. Obviously, it’s hard again as he has a wife and a little girl.

They finally set up a go fund me for him. I don’t normally share these, but this is someone I care about, and we all know. I paid his back wages like he still worked there but they could use more help. 10-25.00 is a perfectly fine amount if you can. I know right now we’re all feeling the pinch already.

Thanks everyone.


Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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