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written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey Synners, thanks for checking out the blog.  I get so many questions that are answered on the website and I want you to know I really appreciate those of you that read through the info and come to Syn with an understanding of what is going on.  

Today I wanted to discuss the Bar Takeover events.  How they are different, what is allowed and what you can expect as opposed to a “normal” Syn event.  

When Syn started in 2014 BC (Before COVID)   we took over the bar for every event.  When we were allowed to open back up after the COVID shut downs there were a lot of restrictions and uncertainty.  That combined with disagreements with the bar owner led me to move the parties to the playroom only.  Those first few months were rough.  I was so broke from being shut down I didn’t have the capital to really do much.  We had some chairs and a folding table and that was it.  I eventually was able to get together enough to build a basic fence and then the party patio as we know it today.  If you are someone that was supportive of us at that time I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you stuck with us.  

Now that things have settled down we are starting to do bar takeovers again.  These events will always be labeled as “Bar Takeovers”  on the event description.  If you don’t see that listed, that means it is a normal event.  We started doing one a month and during the extremely hot months moved to two a month.  At this time I’m torn on how often to have them.   They are popular though so unless something drastic changes we will keep doing them. 

I have a love\hate relationship with the bar.  I love having the space and all the amenities it provides.  However 90%  of my issues also come from the bar.   I dislike most of the patrons it attracts.  I’m wanting a nice classy place and their typical clientele is not that.  If we take over the bar or not I’m constantly having to deal with them trying to come in and cause issues.  I’m constantly having an issue finding quality staff and bar takeovers require a lot more staff.   

I have no say so in anything that happens in the bar on nights we aren’t taking it over.  Even then there are limits to what I can control.  The bar is a completely separate entity and is not part of Syn. Many think I get a cut of the bar sales or that I run the bar.  Neither is true.  

So what is the difference?  The main difference is where you pay.  Typically you would come into the playroom to pay and get your wristband.  Bar Takeover events we are set up by the front door of the bar.  You can enter through the back or through the front.  On these events everyone in the bar is with us.  On a normal night the bar is open to the public and has the clientele I was speaking of earlier mixed with our people.  

What can we do in the bar area?  On nights we take it over you can be topless in the bar area.  The owner wants you to be wearing bottoms covering your genitals. The way I describe it is to keep it R rated in the bar and save the X rated for the playroom.  

The big rule everyone needs to follow is in regards to drinks.  Do NOT bring anything into the bar to drink even if you are just passing through.  Do NOT take any drinks from the  bar to the BYOL patio and do not take any adult beverages into the playroom.  This is for legal reasons and violating them could get us comply shut down.  BYOL on the patio, bar drinks in the bar and water only in the playroom.  Don’t cross from one area to the other with a drink in your hand.  The bar is also very big on everyone having ID’s in the bar area.  They do not care how old you are, you need to have your ID to be served.  If you are obviously of age but don’t have ID a normal event night would be best for you.  If you look young, have your ID on you.  

What is the vibe?   We have two main reasons for the bar takeovers.  One is obviously the room.  We can spread out more, handle more people, they can dance, play pool and have more AC\Heat then the patio.  

It’s also more comfortable for some people.  If you havn’t been to Syn before its a sex club.  I  use the term Alternative Lifestyle club, but the vast majority of people there get naked and do naughty things to each other.  There is literally people haveing sex everywhere.  In the room, on the patio sometimes even in the parking lot.  Lot of the women not having sex are walking around topless.   That can be a bit overwhelming for some people.  The bar gives you a place to go that’s not in the middle of a Den of Syn.  

I try to gear the Bar Takeover themes to more social events.  If you are a bit timid or prefer more of a social interaction I suggest the bar takeover nights.  I will say people still tend to pack the patio and the room.  The bar acts more as an overflow than a  main area.  Especially after any drawing\contest type of thing we are doing.  

I think that covers everything.  If you have any questions, you can comment or message me. Again, thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Starr

    Hi. Im new. I was wondering how to secure a ticket for the halloween event as an unesCorted female. I do not want to show up and not be able to enter bc i did not by a tIc, but there Is no option to for me 😬 halp plz

    • Troy Hamilton

      Unescorted ladies are free just come on out.


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