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written by Troy Hamilton
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I get asked all the time about what the dress code is for Syn.  Officially there is no dress code.   However what people are really asking is WHAT they should wear when they are Virgins of Syn.   Today we’ll discuss that and I will give you my suggestions.   These are just my thoughts and impressions.   My main suggestion is wear what you are comfortable with (or slightly pushing your boundaries on.)  When you feel sexy or comfortable that comes through.  

When I first opened Syn I was really pushing for a sexy, classy vibe.  We were doing bar takeovers exclusively and I would do a lot of the heavy moving on Fridays.  Where I was DJ’ing is actually the coldest place in the whole bar so I would often wear button up shirts with a tie and many times a vest.  I often had dress up themes and really pushed for that vibe.   

There is only so much you can do when you are running events out of a dive bar in West Tulsa.  Now that a good chunk of our social area is outside it’s a bit more difficult for me to dress up especially in the warmer months.  I also put on weight during covid and just  don’t feel as comfortable dressing up as I used to.  I tend to dress more depending on how much work I need to do and the weather.  That said you can still look nice in shorts and a shirt.  These days I tend to concentrate more on how I smell than how I dress.  I know I’m not going to be the best looking guy in the room but I might be able to be the best smelling.  

So my advice for dudes is pretty simple.  If you are comfortable dressing nice by all means do it and the ladies will appreciate it.  If that’s not your thing just wear decent clothes and look like you put some effort into the evening.  Your personality and hygiene are more important than your clothes.  

When an attractive woman writes to me and asks me what she should wear I always respond “As little as possible.”   I’m only half joking when I say that.  One of the things ladies love about Syn is they can literally lounge around topless and be very safe.  Syn now has a very sexually charged vibe.  Being a part of that can be exhilarating and enticing.  

That sexually charged vibe also means that you most likely will be coming out of those clothes at some point (Or multiple points) of the night anyway so wearing less is just a matter of practicality.  

If you are there to meet people and or to play, displaying the goods is a fantastic conversation starter.  If you are getting too much attention you can simply put those bad boys up and calm things down.     

What if you aren’t there to play and simply want to dress up to flirt and socialize?   Then I would suggest one of the bar takeover nights.  Those nights we take over the bar and you can sip your cocktail, dance flirt in an expanded social space.  

Speaking of the bar, let’s talk about attire over there.

The owner of the bar has asked that Synners at least cover their genitals over there.  So basically some type of underwear at a bare minimum.  People will ask if it is legal to be topless in the bar area.  My answer is…maybe?   We had the big ordeal about women being allowed topless in public a few years back.  So I will be honest and say I’m not exactly sure what the actual law is.

What I can say is I have run lifestyle and non lifestyle clubs for a long time and I have never had an officer give anyone a hard time about being topless.  We have a great relationship with the local authorities and they have been inside several times.  I have heard stories about clubs having a hard time about that, but that seems to be more due to a strained relationship with the local authorities.   If they don’t want you there they will absolutely nit pick at you and cause you issues.  If they do come in we might go around and ask everyone to calm down a bit, but that’s more just a precaution.  No need to flaunt it while they are there.  

Quick story to share my experience.  The club right before I got into running my first lifestyle club was a club downtown Tulsa called Omega. At the time of this writing the bar Whisky 918 is there.    It was a 16 and up club and we had 1400 kids in there every Saturday.  We put different colored wristbands on everyone to list their age.   I was standing right next to TPD when I told a new bouncer “The 16 year old has to put her top back on.  If they are under 18 they can’t be flashing their boobs.”  TPD just smiled and shook his head.  We used to have a “boobie light” . It was a bright spotlight that if shine on you the ladies flashed everyone.  We ran  Girls Gone Wild type of events where we filmed the girls flashing and would have Mardi Gras parties.   All sorts of things like that and I’ve never had an issue.  Most likely Syn staff will be topless in the bar and the bar staff will almost be.  (A former bartender used to bartend topless.)  

If you are still uncomfortable with it simply don’t show or invest in some pasties.  

Remember on a normal night we are not taking over the bar so it is open to the public.  Truth be told though most nights there are not too many over there that aren’t with us.  Many times the ladies will shoot over there real quick to use the restroom or get a quick shot.  They will not ask you to cover up however I would prefer if you use the buddy system if going over there in a state of undress.  You can always ask me or the patio hostess to go over with you if you don’t feel like getting dressed again.  I really don’t mind escorting topless ladies to the restroom.   

I think that covers most of it.  Any questions feel free to message. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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