The End of BYOL & Bar Takeovers UPDATED

written by Troy Hamilton
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This is an updated blog.  I got the other one up quickly to get information out.  This one will be in my usual long winded fashion  

At the end of Feb for our Mardi Gras event we did a bar takeover.  At about midnight ABLE came in.  For those of you that don’t know ABLE is the institution that governs alcohol in Oklahoma.  The Lieutenant was an attractive lady and as soon as I saw her I knew she had already came in undercover.  She asked to speak with me and we stepped outside.  She then informed me that advertising BYOL while charging a cover charge was illegal in Oklahoma.  I have been doing this for about 20 years and had never heard of it until the last couple of years. I heard some OKC clubs got in trouble for that but it was hard to separate truth from rumors.  She took my information and then went into the bar and wrote them several citations.  

I can not get info on what they wrote the bar up for.   As of this writing there have been no issues for me or Syn.  It’s up to the DA to decide if he wants to pursue it.  I cooperated well and was obviously trying to do things the right way. I just was not aware of this rarely enforced law.  So I’m not too worried about it.  I don’t think they will lock me up and throw away the key, probably just want money.  

Quick side rant:  She told me people had been calling in complaining.  She was very familiar with our website.  I have had the local authorities called on me for this a few times but they also thought it was legal.  Someone was calling my landlord complaining about it as well.   There seems to be very credible sources that claim the OKC clubs were a result of people calling in.  There used to be several clubs in the Tulsa area but they got feuding with each other and got each other shut down.  

The biggest threat to LS clubs is not politicians, news media or right wing soccer moms. It’s people inside the LS.  That is what makes running a LS club so difficult.  Running a business period is difficult a LS club adds all sorts of new challenges.  I do everything I am supposed to do.  Syn is a Licensed LLC, that pays taxes and follows all the laws.  I really thought I had everything covered.  Good news is that and a staff member miswording a tour was the only thing we got scolded on.  An ABLE officer stood in a room full of people having sex and the issue was me advertising BYOL.  

So what is the fallout of this and what does it mean?  From now on you can not bring any marked alcohol containers into Syn including the patio area.  No beer bottles, no liquor bottles.  We are not patting you down, checking your cup, bag or car.  You just can’t have containers marked as alcohol.  

On a completely unrelated note we are stocking up on Syn tumblers and flasks.  We lowered the price and they can be customized.  Check with staff at your next event.

We were constantly fighting to get people to stop taking drinks from the bar to the patio and vice versa.  I would mention it several times and walk through enforcing it and people got told on the tour.   People still did it.  I am assuming that is one of the things the bar got in trouble for.  So now they are locking that back gate and not letting out people access the bar through there.  That will cost them quite a bit of money so I don’t know how long they will do that.  I would have just put someone back there to watch the gate and cater towards our people.  However the bar does many things I disagree with.  They are also ending the bar takeover events.  The bar has had issues not related to Syn before all this.  They in fact got a citation the night before.  

I’ve gotten messages asking how certain other clubs get away with different rules.  I am not disparaging any other locations however the 3 that have gotten in trouble for this are the 3 most well known clubs in the state.  The other events simply don’t pull the amount of people and attention we do.  Few are also in more remote parts of the state that don’t have the “competition”  that OKC and Tulsa does.  Either that or we’re just bigger assholes that pissed off more people.  

My personal thoughts on all of this.  Obviously I would prefer our Synners to have easy access to the bar area and the option to BYOL.  However at this time that’s just not going to be an option for not only Syn but LS clubs in general.

In reality there are several upsides to this.  Most of my issues came from the bar.  I can’t stand their clientele and highly disagree with how they run things.  The more separation we can have from them the better.  I have been trying to work with them for 9 years now and am looking forward to not having to deal with them.  This makes Syn more secure overall.  

The biggest downside is we might have less people.  If you think about it, one of Syns main issues is we are just too small for the amount of people we get.  Losing some of the casuals will hurt my pocketbook but should make for a better experience over all.  

The event right after all this was our DTF event.  A new theme where I basically told everyone if you arn’t planing to fuck don’t come.  We had the perfect amount of turnout.  If we have a similar vibe and people most weeks I will be a happy man.  

I am going to be strict on the no BYOL rule.  She made it sound like she simply wanted me to stop advertising it.  However if we slide this time we are not going to be so lucky the second time.  Don’t be selfish and don’t make me be a jerk.  I’m just asking you to follow the law.  

That said, I am exploring other options.  From moving, expanding current location and remodeling current location.  The one I like best expanding current location is a simple wait and see approach.  Both the dispensary and the bar get in trouble often.  If I can secure either location that solves everything.  Moving would be nice, however a bigger place anywhere else will cost me 5-10x what I am paying now.  It might be worth it but it’s not easy to find a location for a sex club.  The last option remodeling our current location would be simply cutting a small pie in different pieces.  At the end of the day the pie is still the same size.  

Once again if you are reading these blogs I appreciate it so much.  You come into Syn so much better informed and cause me so many less headaches.  I can’t thank you enough.  

Everyone be safe and I will see you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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