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written by Troy Hamilton
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Ironically a few weeks ago I penned a blog post about how Syn won’t be moving anytime soon.  I finally reached my limit on space, local white trash wildlife and the literal Karen next door.   So the plan for now is we will be at our current location until May 20th.  We will be closed for Memorial Weekend to make the move and re-open June 3rd at the new location.  In June Syn turns Naughty Nine and what better time to unveil Syn 2.0.  Obviously everything is subject to change but here is the plan as of now.  

The new location is 6600 square feet, so that is 6 ½ times bigger than our current location.  The new location should feature a large dance floor, stripper pole, pool tables and more.  The obvious major upgrade will be the inside social area as well as double the bathrooms we currently have.  I’m trying to design the space to where everyone has more room and amenities but we don’t lose the intimacy that makes Syn so special.  We’re not going to have a room full of round tables and folding chairs like a generic business conference.  That is the most efficient way to utilize the space, but I want it to feel unique and special.  So the plan is to have a mix of lounge, bar and banquet seating.  I do want a couple of large tables for groups that like to sit together.  

Due to the configuration the Naughty Room may be about the same size.  However we are going to have less crammed into the space.  At least at the beginning we probably are going to have very limited seating there.  Even if we don’t add any more beds I want more room for people and less standing around staring.  Voyeurism\Exhibitionism are valid dynamics and I will be constantly tweaking with the set up to welcome those dynamics while trying to discourage creepy staring.  Depending on how the final set up works there will be 1 maybe two walls between the Naughty Room and the social area.  So the vibe should feel like a completely different club.  

Smoking:  If you are a non-smoker you are going to love the new set up. There will be no smoking inside with the smoking patio located in the back. So, if you do not want to be around the smoke there will be no reason you will need to. The front is covered so there might be a few people up front smoking, but the majority should be in the back.   The back patio will still be 420 friendly.  If you are a smoker, things may be a little less than ideal at first.  Synners love our patio and I will be building one at the new location.  However, I am not sure how much will be done by opening night.  Depending on how things go before then you may either have this great patio to enjoy or a pile of folding chairs in the back alley.  

I learned a lot from the patio I built at our current location.  I was running out of time and money and it shows in parts.  I want this patio to be even better and take my time to build it right.  If it is not done by the time we open I promise you I will build you a nice space and you won’t always be the redheaded stepchildren.  

Location:  The new location is in east Tulsa.  Hotels aren’t super close but not far either.  The closest hotels will probably be the group out by Hard Rock.  Which is great if you are an out of town guest.  You can book near Hard Rock for Friday and Syn on Saturday.  Make a weekend out of it.  We will be a bit between the Hard Rock area and the group of hotels at 31st and Memorial.  It should be much easier to get a uber in this area as well.  

I don’t want to post the exact location yet to deter visitors.  When I was building the patio Synners kept coming by to “help” and it made it difficult to get work done.  Which brings me to:

What can I do to help?  I appreciate everyone that offers to help.  We have plenty of people to move and make improvements at the location.  What you can do to help is simply come out and have a good time.  This space is 6 ½ times bigger and it’s also 6 ½ times more expensive.  I am allotting 20K before we even open the doors.  This is going to be quite the financial drain on me over the next few months.  The best way to support Syn is simply to come out and have a good time.  We got 2 ½ months to say goodbye to a location we have a lot of fond memories at.  

Security:  One of the things I am most happy about is how much nicer this area is and how much more secure Syn will be.  The front door should be similar to a dispensary set up in that you can not just walk in or be able to see inside until you are let in.   You’ll be able to leave whenever you like easily though.  There is a bar\event center in the same  strip mall so everyone is used to seeing cars in the lot. I don’t plan on putting any signage other than maybe the Syn S on the front door.  We should be able to blend in very well and no one knows we are there unless they are in the know.  Which means less casual walk ups.  

Dress wise we knew we were always pushing the boundary at the bar takeovers.  Here there are no restrictions.  Everything you want to wear that you just couldn’t wear in public you can here.  Or nothing at all if you prefer.  We will have more coat racks and possibly more lockers for you to store your cover up.  

Cost:  As of now the plan is to leave the cost the same as it is now.  This space is way more expensive but we can hold more people.  If I can do most of what I like to do in this space while maintaining the cost and the Syn vibe it will be an amazing experience.  We are probably going to stop offering pre-payment on tickets at the new location simply because we should have plenty of space to accommodate everyone.  If it becomes an issue we will reinstate it.  I am looking at bringing back the table reservations for those that like having a guaranteed space to sit.  As I said I don’t want a banquet space feel so there most likely won’t be enough seating for everyone all the time.  If the price did go up it would be a 20.00 increment.  So 60.00 a couple and 80.00 solo male.  With no membership should still be a good value compared to other similar clubs.  I will not raise it unless I have to and will make sure you are still getting value for your money.  

In the future I would like to add a private room that you could rent for the night or per the hour.  I would also like to have a dedicated photography space.   These might be the same space where if the room isn’t being rented out you are welcome to use it for photography.  That is a future improvement and I doubt it will be ready by opening night.  

I am hanging on to our current location.  I am wanting to turn it into a lifestyle event center of sorts.  If you are wanting to have kinky private events for birthdays or want to get into hosting your own events this could be a good entry for you.  Obviously I’ll be taking most of the stuff with me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to absorb the cost until I get it re furnished and ready to rent.  

I’m excited about the new location.  If it comes together in real life like it does in my head this will be just about everything I could reasonably ask for.  I feel like we over achieved with what we had to work with so I am excited to see where we can go with the right space.  I’m obviously a bit nervous as well.  It’s a big financial cost up front with a much higher running cost.  I however didn’t see any reason to make a lateral move.  If we are moving, let’s do it as well as we can.  

I think that covers most of the info.  I appreciate everyone that has supported us through all the changes and tribulations.   Hopefully you had some fun along the way and the best is yet to come. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Rachel

    That’s awesome!!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to see the place.

  2. Sarah

    How exciting!! Can’t wait to see the new spot!

  3. Daniel

    It’ll be closer to the house for me

  4. SimplyShe

    Congrats maybe i won’t be so shy to attend lol

  5. Jimmie

    Congrats! This soUnds amazing! On to new beginnings


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