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Here is a quick rundown of the playrooms at the Brookside location. This is quite different than our westside location was. There are so many different levels of play we can’t accommodate everyone. However, we feel this set up will provide a good balance for most people.

Couple of main rules about the playrooms:

No cell phones need to be out in the playrooms at any time. Out in the main area we utilize a common sense method to cell phones. Don’t take pictures that include anyone that didn’t give express consent and don’t even hold your phone like you are taking a pic.

Officially we have a “No socializing” rule in the playrooms. What that means can be up to interpetation. Don’t be disruptive to anyone engaging in Synful behavior. That means standing over them talking, being loud that sort of thing. If you are in a room getting to know a couple that is fine. Flopping down on a bed with your shoes on just hanging out not so much.

Obviously, no means no and ask permission before getting on a bed a couple is already on, touching all that stuff that should be basic common sense and etiquette.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member. We will be training new staff many times. If you feel a staff member enforced a rule incorrectly come talk to Troy. I will either explain why you might be violating the rule, or I will have a discussion with the staff member.

Couples Only Room:  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Couples and unicorns only.  Men have to be in there with their partner. Seating in here cuddling up with your partner while enjoying the show from a respectable distance will be allowed.  You can ask a couple to join however do not hover over a bed. Guys acting single while their lady looks bored in the corner will not be allowed.

Showtime Room:  This is a pretty unique room.  It is the only room that has windows.  The windows actually look out into the smoking atrium.   The idea is for those that enjoy\don’t mind being watched but don’t necessarily want to be approached.  If you are watching in this room, you should be at a respectable distance and not engaging in conversation with anyone playing.  If you are playing you can request someone to join but they should not be initiating the conversation.  Any violations of this rule please let a staff member know so we can coach the offender on the guidelines.

BDSM Room:  Also known at the Brat Realignment Center this is where the spanking bench, and St Andrews cross will be.  This is a very odd, shaped room so you won’t be able to put on much of a show here.  If we have a more fetish themed event, we will bring this stuff out into the main room.  

Private Room:  This is just what it says.  A room with one bed that you can rent for 40 an hour or 20 for half an hour.  You can lock the door if you like, take pictures pretty much anything within reason.  The details for it probably warrant its own blog so I will just leave it for now.

Group Room:  This is our largest playroom and will feature the king bed, bondage bed and sex swing.   This is more like the setup we currently have.  This is where the Cum One, Cum All events will be and is for those that want to play with multiple people.   That DOES NOT mean it is free for all.  All the normal decorum and etiquette exists.  No means no, ask before touching, and all that.  You can still say no if you are in this room.  It just means you are open to playing with others, being asked and being watched.  This will be the most monitored room in the club. If someone violates your consent on any level loudly let that person know to back the fuck up. Any issues let a staff member know.

We will also have the outside bed in one of the atriums.  The atrium I have dubbed the fishbowl.  You’ll be able to be on the bed and see into the Showtime room as well as be watched while playing outside.  Nights with rain in the forecast we should have a cover for it.  

Any questions feel free to ask any staff member.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. lulu

    We had a great time at the grand opening of the new location! it was awesome! we’ll be back soon!


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