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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the blogs.  I’m writing this one at the end of May 2023 so if you are reading this in the future some details may have changed.   We just had a soft opening for the new Syn 2.0 and I thought it would be a good time to tell you about the new place.  This is more just a back story and what the future holds.  If you are looking for more club layout check the playrooms blog.  

When I decided I wanted to move Syn I was actually looking for a place about twice the size of the westside location.  Still small, just something with more bathrooms and an inside social area.  Something cheap I could customize and make nice.  It’s hard to find something that size that has more than one restroom and any type of parking.  

I’ve always thought about office buildings as a good location for a lifestyle club.  Empty on the weekends, parking, restrooms and I could rent space based on how much I need.  For many reasons I check the “less nice” area’s first.  They tend to be a bit more flexible, less expensive and the local authorities look at you as an asset if you aren’t causing issues.  

I was driving past this location and decided to check it out.  The original plan we talked about was me renting two offices that are like the group room and basically everything else was in the lobby.  At the time the lobby was bigger they have since built a whole suite of offices there.  It was cool, I liked it but it was a lot of work because everything would have to be set up so it was less than ideal.  Talks were going a bit slow so I kept looking.  

I found this huge place in east tulsa.  The landlord was very commutative and really seemed to want us there. It needed a lot of work but was a great price for a 5700 sqf place.  So I agreed and even announced this was where we were moving.  I scrambled to get the 8k in cash in about a week and started ordering furniture and planning. 

Then just nothing…..eventually stopped even taking my calls or returning my texts.  So I went back to this Brookside location.  They pitched the set up we have now with the big social room.  I was about to agree to a deal when the eastside landlord called me up.  He apologized and said he was just busy and everything was still on, they were doing a lot of work to the place I just couldn’t see because of one wall there.  (They had to build the bathrooms)  

Annnnnd nothing.  They wouldn’t even take my money I scrambled to get. (Thankfully now)  So I went back to the Brookside location again and they were dealing with the exact same thing in reverse.  Lots of talk but no action.  We agreed to a deal and signed it that day.  

It was a convoluted way to get there but we are in the right place.  The landlord loves us and has given us a lot of support.  He wants to help us build a patio in the back and add hot tubs, he’s got property in Ft Smith and wants us to open another location out there.  Just in general couldn’t be more supportive and accommodating.  The place already looks nice but it is going to look nicer as work gets done.  

If you are reading this while the location is still fairly new you know there is still construction going on.  Those are the new suites for the landlord.  They are moving in at the same time we are opening.  So his crew is stretched a bit thin right now.  The building is very old and sat neglected for years.  It’s now being remodeled so that means everything is very old or very new.  Both those things can give you issues.  It’ll take a bit to get all the kinks worked out and we start being able to dial in those details.  Every week you should see improvements.

It’s already nice.  It’s just going to get better.  

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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