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written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey Synners with the new location I will have to have more staff working then I did on the westside.  I get asked all the time if we are hiring. For the right person I can usually find something.   If you are interested in working at Syn I thought I would outline what I’m looking for and why I ask the questions that I do.  

Quick story first that illustrates how different everything is now compared to when I first opened.  The very first Syn employee I hired was a girl named Michelle for room attendant.  I had 5-7 interviews scheduled that day and 2 showed up.  

Even though Syn was my second lifestyle club I didn’t really hire much at the previous club.  So I conducted the interviews very professionally.  I had my wife at the time there to “protect” myself and was very concerned about coming across as a creepy sex club owner.  

Michelle had the job right away.  Many of you may know her as she worked there for years and is a wonderful girl.  On the way out she asked “So… you want to see my tits?”  I asked my wife and she said sure so we got to see them.  She later revealed to me she was expecting to have to show them or do some sexual favors to get the job and that she was  disappointed how professional it was.  Things have changed since then as I get a clearer understanding of what works and what I’m looking for. Nowadays I’m less professional and a bit more blunt.  It is a sex club after all.  

 Here are the requirements:

You must be female:  This one ticks off a lot of dudes that want to get paid to hang out in a lifestyle club.   There are many reasons I hire only women.  Mainly because men and women are both much more comfortable talking to a female.  Some ask me if I need security and I will address that later.

You need to be comfortable showing your body: I want the girls to be dressed provocatively while working.  This helps set the tone and vibe as soon as you walk in.  It also lets other ladies feel comfortable doing it as well.  We get several women that like coming because it’s a safe place for them to hang out in more ways than one.  

I’ll want to see you topless:  This is one I’ve struggled with over the years.  There is no gentlemanly way to ask a lady to see her tits.  I feel sleezy almost every time I do it and I only ask the ladies I don’t know.   It answers several questions though.  If you say yes and respond with a pic quickly I know you are my people and are truly comfortable with it.  I have had girls say yes over the years and not be comfortable with it.  I hired two different strippers that didn’t want to do it.  

Yes I am judging how nice they are but that’s not mandatory.  I have hired a few girls that their backside is their better “assets.”  For those ladies I bought them clothes that highlighted that area.  Which if you’re doing tours isn’t a bad area to highlight.  

So nowadays I just ask.  If I know you and like your vibe I won’t ask.  Just coming in cold though I will probably ask.  If that offends you then you probably wouldn’t be a good fit. So the question does its job.  

I prefer you single:  I have hired several women that were in a relationship and many started dating while working for me.  They  never last long.  The partner understandably gets tired of being alone every Saturday night while she’s off flaunting her tits to strangers.  Or they are there without her and feels awkward, or he’s there and thinks the rules don’t apply to him since his woman works there, or she’s more worried about him than doing her job.  It won’t prevent me from hiring the right girl, I just go into it knowing what the risks are.  I tend to book them less and now they can work half a night to try and minimize the issue.  

People wonder if I sleep with the staff or make them sleep with me to get the job.  The answer is…. Sorta.  

The best staff I have had are the ladies I am also seeing.  They tend to be submissive and so they are more reliable and go the extra step because they care about me and want me to succeed.  That has bit me in the butt a couple of times, but overall it works better.  

One of my first employees I had to break it off with and she did not handle it well.  I had to eventually let her go.  It was messy.  After that I swore I was going to be strictly professional with the staff.  That actually caused more issues because there was a mutual attraction but not following through with it caused more issues and bad vibes.  

The traits I find attractive in an employee are the same traits I find attractive in a partner.  Attractive, hard working, reliable, good energy.  So nowadays I try to find a way to say if I hit on you just shoot me down it won’t affect your job.  However if you are interested just let me know because I may be hesitant for fear of making you uncomfortable.  

I have never told a girl she must service me to earn or keep her job.  Though I do admit I fantasized about it and it sounds really hot in a CNC type of way.  

If you worked at Syn your role would basically be eye candy customer service.  Be polite, show the goods and you’re pretty golden.  I try to take care of the loyal, reliable girls that always do well.  You never should feel pressured to do anything you’re uncomfortable with or tolerate any sexual harassment and that includes from me.  I want you to feel as comfortable, respected and sexy as you can while also asking you to walk around with your tits out.  

We basically have one job we hire for and that’s Door & Tour.  Work the door and do the tours for the new people. Some think the staff are basically whores you can hire or there to service the guys and that’s not true.  Staff can not play while working with a  few exceptions.  If we are not busy they can play with each other or other women if we can all watch.  We all like watching hot girls play with each other.  Now a days that’s very rare.

We have 3 options as far as hours.  8-11, 9-12 and 8-230.  Obviously the longer shift pays more.  As of today the pay is 60 for the shorter shifts and 120 for the longer shift.  There are also other benefits depending on how everything goes.  I take the staff to breakfast afterwards, I buy clothes and anything you sell you keep as well as tips.

Why we don’t have security. One thing we do differently than most places is I will ask the girls (usually Tiff) to talk to someone if they are outside the guidelines.  At Syn we try to educate not escalate.  When a guy confronts another guy about something, things can escalate to an issue.  Very rarely does a 4’9 topless girl warrant escalation.  We very rarely have to get physical with anyone and if I ever do I have plenty of back up in the regulars.  

This is already pretty long so I’ll end it here.  If you have questions, feel free to message me. 

If you’re an attractive girl that wants a job, send me a pic of your rack and I’ll probably find a place for you.  😉 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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