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written by Troy Hamilton
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When we moved to the new location a few things came clear fairly quickly.  We needed more couples-only space, a bigger Brat Realignment Cent (BRC) and ideally a way to encourage people to not block the main hallway as well as a place to interact with each other in a  non sexual way.  

I think for the most part this expansion addresses these issues.  Of course not perfectly because nothing is but should help.  

The expansion is rolling out a bit at a time.  We’ve already had some of the space open and the  rooms will be partially open for the Halloween event.  We should have everything open fully by the first weekend of November 2023. 

If you have been lately you see the BRC has moved and it’s near the Main Atrium (The Fishbowl)  That is nice, but still gets really packed and we could use even more space.  Many are just onlookers and a lot of the feedback I get is people miss being able to watch like that used to at the old location.  

Once I got into the new space another bigger space became open.  So we are actually going to move the BRC into the bigger space.  What is now the BRC will be a couples only social area.  So it will have couches but we all know people will play in there as well.  

What was originally the BRC when we first opened and has a Liberator in there now and will be converted to a photo room.  Those of you that want to take pictures we will ask that you do it in that space.  You can take whatever type of photo or video you want as long as it’s in that room and anyone in the recording consents.  The liberator will be moved to the new BRC when it opens.  

Hopefully that all made sense.  

The new BRC will be a two room suite very similar to the group room, but with a much larger window in the center wall.  It is located all the way at the end of the hall past the refreshment area.  Originally I wanted to knock out that wall and put pool tables in there.  For a variety of reasons that just wasn’t feasible so I went with plan B.  

Since the window is so much larger I bought more couches and we are making it a place you can watch people in the BRC.  Behind the seating area I got a rug with a  twister pattern and a spinner.  So people can use the space to watch or socially interact in a  few ways.   There is also a large closet in this room.  We really don’t need more closet space so we are converting it to more lockers for people to store their things.  

One of the issues I’m having is the window in the room is a two way mirror which is cool but it’s facing the wrong way for our needs.  So it’s either coming out, being flipped or replaced with normal glass.   Getting it out is being a pain though.  If it’s being flipped you won’t know you’re being watched or by how many.  

Hopefully with the room being all the way to the end of the hall it will encourage people to spread out a bit and not block that main junction in the hall.  

I really appreciate everyone coming and supporting Syn.   I spent about 6K on this expansion and rent is being raised about 1200 a month.  If it all works out the way it does in my head it should be fantastic.  As long as you keep supporting us we will continue to grow and improve as much as we can.  

Thank you everyone.  

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Wanda Lee

    I am happy that you guys are here in Tulsa Oklahoma I enjoy myself every time I come I love the people the friendliness the cleanliness the whole vibe I have a couple of people that wants to come and celebrate my birthday there so see you guys soon


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