Brat and Couples Area Guidelines

written by Troy Hamilton
11 · 01 · 23

Hey Synners our new expansion rooms open this weekend and I wanted to write about some etiquette guidelines to help make everyone have a fun, safe time.  We will start having a dedicated staff member whose primary responsibility will be to monitor the two new spaces.  That is the plan for most weekends.  If we are short staffed a weekend we may not have a dedicated person back there and will just have a rotation of people checking in.  

Brat Realignment Center:   Also known as the BRC this is our dungeon, fetish, BDSM area.  One of the primary differences between the BRC and a typical dungeon is we are by design a little more laid back.  As the name suggests it’s supposed to be more fun and take ourselves a little less seriously than a dedicated dungeon. If you are a seasoned participant or just saw 50 Shades of Grey and want to see what it’s like to be tied up and spanked there are no judgments here.   That said there still has to be guidelines to keep everyone safe.

The obvious one is nothing “hardcore.”  No knives, blood, fire, guns, scat stuff like that.   Keep it sensual and sexy.  

The new room is split up between two rooms.  The participation area and the voyeur area.  If you are mainly there to watch you should try and stay on the voyeur side of things.  In the past we’ve had some issues with people crowding a scene that were just watching.  In all the playrooms make sure you are watching from a  respectable distance.  You also don’t need to add a commentary track to other peoples’ play.  This isn’t the NFL and just cause you’re built like Madden doesn’t mean you need to act like him.  

Ladies if you are wanting multiple men while you are restrained just let the staff member know and she will help facilitate that.  Otherwise we are probably going to give you space.  

Couples Only Areas:  There has been some confusion on the couples only area so I thought I clear that up as well.   The idea is for couples that are not interested in single men.  So obviously it’s open to couples, single males accompanied by a single lady and couples that want to play with single ladies.  Couples that want to play with a solo male you have the whole rest of the club to participate in.  We have had to interrupt several threesomes because of this misunderstanding.  We will stop you right in the middle of the act.  This is a space that is very popular and we can’t have anyone in there that is not following protocols.  

The easiest way to think of it is at no time should there be more penis than vagina in the room.  

Couples if your man plays solo this is not the room for you to sit in and let him ask to join couples.  They are not interested in single males or they would not be in there.  Guys if your girl leaves you need to leave as well.  Just because you have a girl does not mean you can go in there.  She has to be with you.  Again no more penis then vagina.  

Gentlemen.  Syn caters to promiscuous ladies.  We love them, we market towards them and basically almost everything revolves around them.  They are our target demographic.  So I do not understand why you spend all your time crowding at the door of the little space we have that have no interest in playing with you.  It’s a bad look and highly annoying.  

I get annoyed easily and by the end of the night I’m not polite about it at all.  However I’ve noticed the rest of the staff also does the same thing.  The reason we get so irritated is because it taps into the most annoying things we have to deal with at Syn.  Thats the fact that so many of the single guys are fucking clueless.  

Some of you all lack any self awareness.  If there is a dumb question or someone being just creepy it’s always a single guy or at least a married guy that acts single.  If you are over the age of 7 I shouldn’t have to tell you to put on some pants and stop staring at people.  To read the sign you’re standing right in front of or to read the website in general.  I can insult all of you in this blog because none of you fuckers are reading this either.  

Little tack on to the end here.  We also have a selfie room.  Make sure you are only taking pictures in that room please.  Also please make sure everyone in the picture has consented and ask before you post online.  If you get there early and the club isn’t busy yet you want to take a few pics elsewhere that’s fine.  Just check with a  staff member first. 

Thank you everyone.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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