Tickets for Syn Party on August 15th, 2020


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Our first every Fellatio Fantasy night. More commonly referred to as a “blowbang” this event is for the women that fantasize of giving multiple men oral support.

To facilitate this we will be removing the swing and setting up a nice comfortable padded area for the ladies. There will also be a chair available. The chair is to be used at the ladies discretion. She may sit in it or have the gentlemen sit in it.

The rules are real simple: If a lady is on the designated area men are free to walk up and make themselves available. You do not need to ask permission first if she is in that area. However the ladies are free to still say no or ignore you completely. If that seems to be the case simply try again later with another lady.

All other rules of decorum are enforced. You are still expected to act as gentlemen and treat the ladies respectfully until you are given permission otherwise. We will be raising the amount of single males we let in for this event. However there is still a limit.

We are no longer hosting bar take overs. Check the website for directions and more. Doors open at 10PM and we Syn until 4am. Couples are 40.00, Single Studs 60 and Single Ladies are FREE!

You are not actually buying “tickets.” You are getting your name added to the list. When you come just give us the name that was on the credit card used. This insures that no matter what time you come you will be able to enter. At this time you will not get an email confirmation. We are working to resolve this issue. If you have any questions simply contact us. If for some reason you are unable to complete this transaction contact us for alternate methods.