Tickets for Syn Party on October 17th, 2020 (420 Night)


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I mentioned this theme in passing one day and I have gotten a question about it almost every day since. So here we are our first ever official 420 night.

Smoking herb at an event is always a bit touchy. It’s always allowed, but some don’t care for the smell and can be a bit controversial in public. Well tonight you have no worries. Smoke as much as you like and be surrounded by your kindred spirits. We will also be burning incense in the play room for that authentic stoner vibe.

NOTE: Please do not over indulge. Everyone be safe and partake responsibly.

Buying tickets online is encouraged. Some walkup will be available. If we have tickets available that means there is space available. Feel free to text 918-346-3585 to see about availability IF WE ARE SOLD OUT CHECK FIRST. Text messages only calls will not be answered.

Party Starts at 9 and we Syn till 3am. Couples are 40.00, Solo Studs are 60.00 and single ladies are FREE!

If you just want to socialize and don’t plan on getting naked we do have patio pass available. The Pass allows you access to the Party Patio as well as the restroom inside the play room. You can upgrade to a full pass at any time. The pass is 20.00 per couple or single male.

For hotel, location and more details check out