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Syn & The Single Male:  Guidelines

Syn & The Single Male: Guidelines

Hey Synners thank you for checking out my blog.   Few days ago I wrote the first part of my single male blog outlining the policy at Syn regarding single males.   This time I wanted to go into guidelines for single males.   I’ve been in...

Syn & The Single Male:  Policy

Syn & The Single Male: Policy

Hey Synners welcome to the Syn blog.   Today I wanted to talk about Syn and the Single Male.  Single males can be a controversial subject in the lifestyle.  I wanted to discuss Syn’s single male policy and give some guidelines for the single males...

Theme Spotlight:  Synful Sybian

Theme Spotlight: Synful Sybian

Hey Synners time for another Theme Spotlight blog post.  This time we will be discussion our Synful Sybian Theme.  I’m going to include a few pictures for those of you that aren’t familiar with this toy.  I usually describe it as a horse saddle that...

Theme Spotlight:  Cum One, Cum All

Theme Spotlight: Cum One, Cum All

I thought it would be fun to do a “Theme Spotlight” for some of the more regular themes we have.  Our first one is a non brainer.  Our Cum One Cum all event is this Saturday and it is without a doubt our biggest event we run.  The idea of a gangbang is nothing new.  I...

The Syn of Social Media

The Syn of Social Media

The past few weeks I’ve been having some major issues with Facebook.  At one time FB was a wonderful platform and was a great way to reach people and have direct conversations with Synners.  There were lots of lifestyle groups and was just a wonderful way to...

Pet Peeve Questions

Pet Peeve Questions

Hey Synners thanks for checking out Syn and reading the blogs.  Today I thought we tackle some of the most common Pet Peeve questions I get from people.  These are common questions I get that are pretty annoying and I’ll try to explain why.    I...


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