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written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey everyone thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Troy; I’m the owner of Syn and will be posting blogs at least once a week if not more often.  This will give me a chance to explain things in a long form format and future blogs will cover common questions and club etiquette as well as general questions about this lifestyle. 

First thing we are going to tackle is the clubs layout.  This is one of the more common questions and it has changed a lot in our COVID world. 

Syn is located in small strip mall in west Tulsa just before you get into Sand Springs.  We’ve been here 7 years in May of 2021 and have never been at a different location.   Pre COVID we were taking over the bar next to our play room an averaging around 200 people every Saturday.

People often get confused and think Syn is the bar.  It is not and I was often bumping heads with the bar owner on how things should be ran.  Syn is actually the play room located next to the bar.  If you have never been click on the location tab on the webpage and you will get location details as well as information on nearby hotels. 

When COVID happened we had to make some changes.  We built a party patio on the backside of the playroom and are now BYOL.  The party part of Syn happens on the patio while inside the playroom is more sexy and sensual.  The bar is still next door it’s just open to the public now. 

We have music on the patio and that’s where you drink, smoke and do all that.  Inside the playroom there are no drinks or smoking and we ask you speak in a quiet voice so not to disrupt the sexiness.  We do have heaters on the patio for the colder months and fan during the summer.  You can also utilize the bar to shoot pool and socialize. 

This setup is smaller and more intimate then the loud nightclub environment we were doing.  Syn is now more like a hidden speakeasy then a huge nightclub.  We allow in about 50-75 people per event, and during warmer weather or strong themes we sell out. 

I was very concerned when we moved away from the bar.  I loved having the nightclub environment with the sexy room next door.  I was very surprised at the feedback I have had since the changes.  People love the new set up, and it has a feel of something special.  If you never been and you’re afraid it will be something dirty and sleazy I can assure you it’s really not.  The energy in the play room when its gets going is something beautiful and magical.  Something you just need to experience for yourself.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. JeanIe Burr

    This will be tge furst time weve come since Covid. And tge changes. We are coming saturday. Where do we enter/get to latio if no longer tgrough bar? Thanks Troy!

    • Troy Hamilton

      Click the location link on the website.

  2. Ash Angel

    My man and I broke our SYN cherry last night. We have been talking about visiting Syn for several months. I must say, we were pleasantly surprised. I will admit, we arrived not expecting too much as to not get our hopes up. We loved the intimate atmosphere! We didn’t play in the play room this time but We ENJOYed socializing on the PATIO. After reading some blogs I understand Syn USED to be more nightclub like. Honestly, our timing in visiting Syn couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time. I’m not sure we would be revisiting if the nightclub was still operating but I found myself on the website planning our next visit on our drive home.

    On a side note, how ironic is it that my man visited your club in Vegas in the past? Which happened to be the only one he enjoyed and now you own the only club of this nature in tulsa. Small world!


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