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written by Troy Hamilton
6 · 06 · 23

Hey Synners thanks for checking out the blogs.  Today I thought we do one on some of the more common questions I get about Syn.  With the location move this should be helpful to Orginal Synners and Vigins of Syn alike.  

Is it a Free for All:  No it is not.  Consent is the key to any well ran lifestyle event.  If you think you will come in and just be groped or that everyone is fair game to you then you are mistaken. For solo women you are actually less likely to encounter aggressive behavior at Syn then you would at a regular bar.    For more on this topic check out my blog on consent

Are you expecting a good crowd:  Yes we are hardly ever slow compared to other places.  

What type of people come:  I can not answer this as it constantly changes.  You can come every Saturday for a month and see a completely different crowd every time.  I have literally gotten feedback on the same day, on the same event from different people that the crowd was both too old and too young.  It can literally change within an hour.  You can not sit outside watching a handful of people come in and decide what the crowd is like.  You can not show up at 8pm, wait 20 mins and have any clue what the vibe is.  I am more concerned with having good people there regardless of their age, sex or body type.  If you are that hung up on things honestly I rather you just not come.  

What time does things get started:  Again no way to tell that.  Doors open at 8, party starts at 9.  That means we technically open at 9, we just open the doors a bit early for the people that are concerned about having a particular place to sit, park ect.  The lights may still be on and we may still be setting up at 8.  That means by 9 we should be fully set up and ready to go.  It does not mean at 9pm all the women whip out their tits and start fucking everyone.  

There are days when every bed is full by 8: 30 and there are days when no one gets naked till almost 11. It depends on who’s there and how the vibe is.  If you want things to get going then get naked and get things going.  If you’re not comfortable being the first one, understand others might not be either.  I provide a safe space. I can not make people start fucking.  If you get there at 8PM and within 10 mins expect a full on orgy to break out then again I rather you just not come.  

Adult Beverage Policy:  Syn is not a bar.  We do not sell any alcoholic beverages whatsoever.  In fact legally I can not even advertise Syn as BYOL.  At Syn you can not have any container that is obviously made for alcohol.  So no beer bottles or liquor bottles on the tables.  However, what is in your cup, car, bag or locker is up to you. We do sell Syn branded cups, bottles and flasks for 5.00-20.00 each. We also provide solo cups for free.   If you pull a bottle out of your bag, pour it into your cup and put the bottle away everyone should be fine.  We prefer your cup to be something besides glass.  

What we do supply:  Most events should have a selection of soft beverages.  Usually Pepsi, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Ginger Ale.  During the cold months we should also have a hot water kettle with a selection of coffee, tea and Hot Chocolate.  We will also have plain water as well as flavored water.  We start off the night with 64 pounds of ice.  There is a limited amount of ice and soft drinks available.  When they are gone we are out for that evening.  

Dress Code:  We officially have no dress code.  We are a nicer facility and encourage men to dress decently.  When it’s stupid hot I will have nice shorts and a shirt.   Cooler months are usually a  button up and jeans.  It really depends on how much work I have to do that night on how I dress.  I encourage the men to dress similar or better.  Ladies, my usual response when asked what you should wear is “As little as possible.”  I’m only half joking.  Several ladies will be in the club wearing absolutely nothing.  Dress however you are comfortable.  We do have a coat closet with lockers for you to store things if you want to start off more conservative and change as you get more comfortable.  

Smoking:  The main area of Syn is completely non smoking.  We do have two very nice smoking atriums.  They are also 420 friendly.  If you are a non smoker you should never have to enter an area where there is smoking.  

What Nights are you open:  We are only open on the nights listed on the main page.  Which should be every Saturday with very select Fridays.  If you drive by and see cars in the parking lot like we are open, but it’s not listed on the website then that is a private event not open to the public.  If you come knock on my door while I’m trying to set up on a Friday I am probably going to yell at you.  

Private Events:  So yes we do rent the facility out.  It’s 1000.00 for up to 8 hours.  That includes two staff members to work the door, change sheets and\or DJ.  Does not include perishables like ice, Soda ect.  We will also need a 200.00 refundable damage deposit.  500 will be needed up front to secure booking and is 100% refundable 5 days from the event.  Less than 5 days is 50% refundable.  Location is not available any Saturday night.  

I think this covers it.  These blogs are “living” so I update them as things evolve.   If anything I missed feel free to message me or comment below.  

Everyone be safe and I will see you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Tanya Duke

    If I wanted to come to watch and see how I feel? Is that ok? I have never been to a sex club but definitely think about it and want to see how I feel before I made a decision on anything? Is that allowable…to watch and decide to participate or just watch?

    • Troy Hamilton

      Yep always welcome to come and not participate.

    • Reginamoore

      Thank you Tanya for asking that question I wondered the same thing I’m single and want to try SOMETHING new Troy thank you for allowing.


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