This is not the home page!  Click the home link at the top to get info on cost, hours and such.  If you are new to Syn I also recommend you check out the blogs.   I know you want to skip right to the address and just show up.   It is highly recommended you read through the website to save yourself some issues and possible ridicule.  If you can not be bothered to familiarize yourself with the basic rules or are unable to find basic info I rather you just not come.  


Syn address is 5553 S Peoria Ave in Tulsa.  It is an office building literally on the corner of 55th Pl and also 56th St.  The entrance is on the north side of the building,  (The 55th Pl side for those of you that are directionally challenged.)  The door is red with black accents.  Just come on in no need to knock or anything like that.   If you write to me and ask me what door to come in because all you read was the address I am either going to ignore you or mock you depending on how busy I am.  

For questions on set up, vibe and all that check out the blogs or the Virgins of Syn FAQ  quicker answers.

PARKING:  The parking at this location isn’t fantastic, but many ways better than the westside location.  The parking lot that wraps around 3 sides of the building and there is also a field in the back that is ours that we can park in as well.  On very busy nights you can also park on the street using common sense to not block driveways or be disruptive.  Obviously do not park in the field on extremely wet nights.  If you park illegally or get stuck in the mud that is on you and not our responsibility.   

Solo ladies if you are coming and feel you do or might need an escort simply contact us and I will send you a number you can text when you get there for an escort in.  

NEARBY AMENITIES:  Unfortunately nothing is super close to our location.  However there are lots of amenities that are easy to get to and fairly close by.  Everything listed here is within a 10 minute drive.  There are many liquor stores and dispensaries in the area. I don’t partake in either so I can’t recommend any. Unfortunately we can not offer a special at any of these locations. We also do not get any type of reimbursement for any place listed.  


Marriott on 71st & Lewis.  Rates run about 150-200 a night.  I have personally never stayed here, but the hotel has a lot of sentimental value to me.  Before I got into the nightclub business I had a mobile DJ company.  I had a deal with this hotel and have done a lot of gigs there.  It also has my absolute favorite spa in Tulsa.  They are very affordable and well run.  I recommend getting the Hydrotherapy add on, side by side tubs for you and your partner.  If you are celebrating and want to make the weekend memorable I highly recommend it.  You can book an appointment before Syn or Sunday after.  You do not need to stay there to utilize the spa.    

River Spirit Casino.  I live down the street from this casino so I have stayed here a lot.  They know me by name when I come in.  Rates are about 250-300 a night, but most that stay here are comped from their play in the casino.  They do have great food with Ruth Chris being a higher end steakhouse, Margaritaville a lively pregame hang out and Fireside Grill is a more moderately priced, quieter restaurant.  

Days Inn Those were some higher end places now we got a more moderately priced place.  Days Inn will run you about 75.00 a night.  I have never stayed here so don’t know much about it.  They did\do have a bar there as well.  

I should also include Trade Winds Inn.  I personality haven’t stayed here in a long time.  However at one time their hotel bar The Run (Formally Elephant Run)  was a lifestyle hang out.  I have no clue if it still is but the rooms are only about 50.00 a night.  

51st & Yale:  This area isn’t super close but very easy to get to as you can go straight up I-44.  This area has a lot of hotels as well as restaurants.  There is Outback, Applebees, Red Lobster and a lot more.  Even Taco Bell for after Syn.  

91st & Riverside\Jenks:  This area also has a few hotels and many restaurants.  Also has the Oklahoma Aquarium as well as Flying Tee golf.  

If you have a suggestion on a hotel or attraction feel free to contact us.