This is not the home page!  Click the home link at the top to get info on cost, hours and such.     It is highly recommended you read through the website to save yourself some issues. 


If you are unaware we are in a  bit of a transition period as far as location.  We are currently working to make our current space nicer while also looking for a bigger, nicer space.  

To get the location info you must pre pay for a ticket.  You can do so with a link to the event or by cashapp to $SynTulsa.  After we get your payment we will email you the location info.   If you pay by cash app you have to message us because it does not  provide email.    

If you have not received the location info within 24 hours please message us from the website with the name you booked the ticket under.  Please do not respond to random social media posts.  There isn’t much I can do with a message from “Thickcock2000.” 

Once you booked we just need your name at the door you booked the ticket under.  

The general location is near the airport.   For hotels you can book near there or the Hard Rock area is about 10 mins away as well.     

Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you bought a ticket and can’t make it I want to thank you for your donation and assure you it’s going to a good cause.   I tried before to be accommodating and it’s just a mess.  It’s why we stopped doing pre paid.  

Once you have the location you can start paying at the door at future events.  If you are invited by someone that already has the location info you can pay at the door.  Please do not share location with any non Synners.  

Single ladies used to be free.  We have had to become more discreet with our events so now we have to charge solo ladies as well.  

This will probably be Syn policy moving forward this makes us a bit more discreet and works as a vetting measure.  

The adult beverage policy still applies.  Please do not have any containers that obviously contain an adult beverage.