Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions about Syn.
Table Reservation

While everything is locked down, table reservations are on hold. Check back in June when we hopefully open back up.

Is there a dress code?

The most asked question is about dress attire.  We have no official dress.  Everyone that comes is well groomed and in acceptable attire.  Our ladies dress varies from jeans to dresses to very very little.  There are no rules for how you must be dressed inside the club.  If you’re comfortable showing a lot of skin you can but it is not required.   You can change at the club and we do have a coat area and lockers.  (Must bring your own lock)


Are you on social media?
We sure are: Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/synintulsa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SynInTulsa Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/synintulsa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/syn_tulsa MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/syn.tulsa
Where are you located?
The actual address is 6534 S Charles Page Blvd in Tulsa, OK.   For more details check out our location link.
What is the cost?
Typical party cost is:
  • $20.00 a couple
  • $40.00 single males
  • Free to single ladies.  
Some parties have special discounts for dressing in theme so be sure to check out the party details for that night on the main page.
What nights are you open?
The bar & gentlemen’s club we host the events in are open most nights.  However we only host Syn events on the dates listed on the main page.
What is the atmosphere?
When you’re open every Saturday night the atmosphere won’t be the same every time.   Every Saturday there are new and different people.  Some nights are wild some are more laid back.   For the most part think of it as a cross between a night club and a strip club with a secret back room.
Do I need to RSVP or be invited?
No. You can simply show up.
Is this a public bar?
99% of the people in the main bar will be lifestyle people.  A couple of regulars might come in for a quick drink, but will not have bracelets.  However public bar rules concerning nudity etc. are enforced.
Are the parties BYOL?
No the parties are hosted in a full service bar.  Cash & credit cards are both accepted.
How many people tend to come to a party?
At this time we are averaging around 100 people per party.  During the summer months we expect that to decline a bit.  We are by far the most consistently busy lifestyle club in the Tulsa area.
What is the age/body type of the people?
Everyone is welcome to the parties and we get a mix of people.  At this time the majority of people tend to be in their 30’s and HWP.   If this does not fit your description you are still more then welcome to come.  Everyone is very friendly.
Are single males allowed?
Yes but restricted.  Single males are not allowed in the play room unless escorted by a couple or single lady.
What is the layout?

You enter in the main bar area, pay your cover and get a bracelet.  The bracelet allows you entry into the main bar area, and our play room NR2K.

Why does it say I must be invited into NR2K?
This is simply legal wording.
What is NR2K?
NR2K is our playroom and is a acronym for Naughty Room Two Thousand.  Two thousand was suppose to be our budget for the room, but we went way over.
What can I do in NR2K?
You can check out pictures and details on our NR2K page. It is our playroom if you can’t figure it out you’re probably on the wrong page.
Will you help/advise me on convincing my spouse to come?


Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at SynInTulsa@gmail.com.