Being new can be scary, even intimidating.
Here is a bit of advice to help you navigate this freaky wonderful lifestyle

New people tend to find themselves awash in their new experiences and tend to drift towards one of two groups.

  1. Those who think they can molest everyone…
  2. and those afraid they will be molested by everyone.

Neither of which is true...

Don’t be that guy / gal

Every now and then, you get someone… usually a guy… that mistakenly thinks Syn is a free-for-all and that everyone in the room is available for whatever they want, groping (or more).


This is false and, in fact, is one of the quickest ways to be asked to leave an event

Synners tend to be more open sexually, but that does not mean you can approach them in a disrespectful manner.

That said we do understand that thinking can be clouded when in contact with naked bodies and alcohol. If you are asked by a staff member to “ease up a bit” it is just a friendly reminder, and does not need to escalate to anything more serious.

Don’t be scared

The vast majority of people in the lifestyle are just like you.  They are parents, grand parents, have jobs and have usually been together for many years.  They simply like to get out and enjoy life while they  can. At no time are you expected to do more then you are comfortable with.  No one is going to drag you off and have their way with you ( unless you want them to! ).  If at any time you feel pressured or uncomfortable please let us know. You will never be seen as causing issues or being difficult for letting us know. If someone is harassing you chances are they are someone else as well.  Again incidents like that are very rare and the vast majority are very friendly and polite. 

What you may experience is flirting, fun and provocative interaction. If you are engaged in conversation you may get an arm around you or even a hand on your rear.  You may get remarks on how nice you look or even how great your breasts look. This is considered acceptable only as far as you are comfortable with it.  If you are uncomfortable with a fellow synner, disengage and carry on. If they continue to pursue feel free to alert a staff member.

Keep an open dialogue

It’s assumed before attending an event you and your partner have discussed what you are comfortable with. Keep talking as things change and you never know until you try. Very few couples have the same rules as they did when they started. 


Don’t be afraid to change and evolve.

Engage both partners

If you find someone you click with and hit it off well it’s considered courteous to introduce yourself to their partner. Discuss things and try to get a general idea on their rules & feelings before things progress too far. No two couples are the same, everyone has different rules and things they are comfortable with.

Limit the adult beverages

Most people like to have a drink to loosen up and relax at events like this. However over intoxication can lead to bad choices as well as performance issues. We provide complimentary water to space out your drinks and keep you hydrated. If you become too intoxicated you will be asked to leave.


We are in the age of social media and  chances are you are going to have interaction with someone in the lifestyle online.  So here are a couple hints to take to heart.

  • Don’t friends list someone you never met.
    It’s considered courteous to send a introduction email before sending any type of friends request if you have never met. If you have met briefly at the party it’s classy to send a heads up. Especially females.
  • If you friends list someone on Facebook and they are using their real names DO NOT make any type of sexual comment on their main page. If you have a sexual name you probably shouldn’t comment at all on their main page where family and non lifestyle friends can see.


Basically don’t be a douche and you’ll be fine.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask them or any staff member.

We look forward to seeing you soon and no longer being a Virgin of Syn.