Story Of Syn Part I: Pre Lifestyle.

written by Troy Hamilton
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I get asked a lot how Syn got started and why I got into the business.  I thought this blog I tell the full story and not yada yada yada it.   I’m going to split this up because otherwise it will be very long. 

When I was 17 I was a huge fan of industrial music.  Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and such.   No one was playing that music at the time except a station out at Roger State College in Claremore.   Late at night they had a show called Edge of Insanity that played all sorts of alternative music.  To get the station I had to literally sit in front of my radio holding the antennae in one hand and the record button in the other for any songs I liked.  Since it’s college radio they didn’t play commercials so just one song after another.  I would sit there till my bladder was about to burst. 

I would often call up the station since I was basically a groupie.  The main DJ and program director offer to let me come up and see the place.  I met him and he actually invited me to start DJ’ing on the radio.  At the time I was so naïve and I didn’t understand what was going on.  The only reason he let me up there so much is because he was gay and was trying to get into my pants.   I didn’t understand at the time why this guy kept grabbing my ass and saying the stuff he was saying to me. 

When EOI fell apart I went to broadcasting school they had here in Tulsa and Midwest city.  I graduated and got a job at 94.1\104.5 doing overnights.  When 104.5 turned to The Edge ironically, I started getting less and less shifts and eventually was out. 

I married an Air Force girl and moved to Wichita KS.  Up there I started doing mobile DJ gigs, wedding, proms and such.   Finally turned 21 and got my first “club” DJ gig at Michelle’s Beach House.  A strip club just outside of Wichita that I believe is still there. 

My marriage ended so I moved back to Tulsa and started a mobile DJ company.   It was successful but I wasn’t happy. Playing Shania Twain and Lonestar till my ears bleed wasn’t my idea of living the dream.  So I started doing more and more club gigs, but the money just wasn’t enough.  I was the DJ at Hall of Fame when I decided to go to Bartending school.  I started bartending through the week and DJ’ing on the weekends. 

About this time Napster was coming out and guys were offering to “DJ” for free beer and club owners weren’t smart enough to be able to tell a good DJ from a bad one.  So I was bartending more then DJ’ing which evolved into management and consulting. 

About this time I had been DJ’ing on and off at a lifestyle nightclub down in OKC call The Club.  I had dabbled in the lifestyle with an ex and attended a few parties.  I didn’t find most of the people attractive and the parties poorly ran.  I had low expectations when I went to The Club and was just collecting a payday. 

I was blown away the moment I walked into The Club.  It was a clean well ran atmosphere with attractive people.  Completely different then what I had seen before. They had a HUGE dancefloor and it was packed all night. I kept asking “So there is nothing like this in Tulsa?   I was told no too much drama up there. 

I started managing a HUGE 16 and up nightclub downtown Tulsa called Omega.  We had 1400 kids in there every Saturday night and a huge staff with 3 bars.  The owner had to sell due to some legal trouble and just like that I was out of a job. 

A bar owner from down the street named Froggy called me up.  Asked me if I could help him out because he wasn’t doing well at his new place.   The bar used to be called Bad Girls.  It had a similar theme to Coyote Ugly where the bartenders would dance on the bar.  The bar even had a stripper pole on it. 

I remember walking in there, seeing that stripper pole and telling Froggy “Well if your open minded I have an idea.” 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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