Story of Syn Part II: Green Door Day’s

written by Troy Hamilton
6 · 28 · 21

This is Part II of my blog the Story of Syn.   To get caught up I suggest reading Part I first. 

So, Froggy was open to my idea of have a swinger’s club.  I came on in a promoter\consulting capacity but didn’t really have any real pull.  Ironically the DJ they had at the time was one I just fired from my other club.  Soon as he saw I was in he bailed so I was the DJ as well. 

The club could only hold about 50 people and we sold out fast.  I was Dj’ing\promoting there and DJ’ing in OKC on alternate weekends.  They named the club Green Door which they flat out ripped off from the Famous Las Vegas establishment.  Which stole it from a porn.    I actually hated the name, but I wasn’t in charge I was just the Promoter\DJ.  Froggy did a few things I disagree with.  There was a LS friendly bar called Brickhouse and he papered all their vehicles with Green Door flyers.  I was against it but didn’t have much of a say.  Froggy was an old school bar owner and still use those old school tactics. 

He did go full force with the swinger’s theme though.  Painted his front door green and brought in some couches that became the precursor to the Naughty Room.  That little bar was rocking though.  Girls dancing on the bar, strip pole and orgies on the couches.  Was only 50 people but they were there to have a good time. 

Very first party I met a girl named Christy.  She was there with her boyfriend and just had a baby.   Every time she was around, I got tongue tied and stupid.  I eventually ended up married to her for 10 years and adopting the boy. 

The bar was making money but essentially only 2 days a month.  That wasn’t enough to keep it afloat and Froggy retired.  I saw the potential in this concept and wanted to keep going.  I asked a couple of regulars to be my hosts.  A very attractive, popular couple. For a long time I didn’t think me as a mostly single male should be the face of the club.  I wanted a pretty girl be the hostess and interact with the customers while I was more the wizard behind the curtain.  This would be the first of many times I would have hostess issues. 

First thing I wanted to do was change the name of the club.  Nothing popped into my head and she wanted to use “Switch.”  Literally from the Will Smith song that you probably forgot about.  I didn’t love it but I had nothing better.  Stealing from a song was better than stealing from a world-famous sex club that wasn’t even very good. 

At the time most LS events you rented banquet rooms from hotels.  I talked the space into letting me drag the lobby furniture into the space and set up a section similar to what we had at Froggies place.  We had 1 maybe 2 events neither which was spectacular but profitable. 

I was making the schedule for the next line of events.  Mardi Gras events at the time were very popular and we agreed on the title “Swingers Gone Wild” again “borrowing” from the “Girls Gone Wild” concept that was big at the time.  I ran into a snag with my hostess.  She had a fantastic butt however was very self-conscious about her breasts.  So, she wanted the event to have “No flashing for beads or nudity of any kind.” 

At a swinger’s party…. For Mardi gras…… called swingers gone wild……

So, it takes a lot to get me to fire someone as I give way too many second chances.  Trying to Boob Block me will get it accomplished.  So, after we very un-amicably parted ways she throws a huge fit how I can’t use the “Switch” name because she came up with it.  I was like fuck it I hated that name to so I’ll go back to GD at least it’s a name I hated with name recognition.  Thus, she became the first of many women that will be happy to tell everyone what an asshole I am. 

Green Door had very successful run for about 6 years.  There were many versions of the parties as I never had a permanent location for long.  For many years we would simply take over a bar, put up some decorations, me DJ and charge 25.00 a couple.  25.00 a couple to get into a bar that was free every other weekend with no play room and you had to buy drinks.  This was pre social media and these parties were the only way you met like minded people.  We would open at 8 and have a line start forming at 6. 

Few fun notes from these days.  My Mom was my secret weapon.  She would do all my decorations and spend a long time on them then come help me set up.    For the longest time I was trying to hide what type of parties these were.  As I started incorporating play space, I was making up lame excuses about how they were meeting areas and that I was using the blow-up mattresses because I couldn’t move in couches. 

Eventually Mom took me aside and said “Troy you don’t have to lie to me.  I know it’s a Naughty Room.”  At the time there wasn’t play spaces at most events.  It was unusual to have parties where you could have sex on premise.  As play spaces started popping up even in other states, they referred to them as “Naughty Rooms.”   The term Naughty Room was\is a standard in swinger lexicon for many years and came from my Mom. 

On Fridays we would run an alternate club for BBW’s and BBW lovers.  We called those events Plush.  I was very close to having fetish events as well. Those events I was going to call Syn. 

With success comes a lot of issues.  When me and Christy got together, we had 2 former lovers that were in the LS that set out to make things as difficult for us as possible.  They got together with a few of the other local clubs and did all the typical dirty things.  Call the fire marshal, call head office of the hotel we were hosting in.   A few times I would get a call from the host hotel on Thursday to let me know I don’t have a venue for that Saturday.  With the club being my main source of income, it was a constant stress. 

They would literally all get together to have a super event just to try and hurt me.  They would have free events on my party nights and would blame me for all their failures.  If they spent as much time working on their own  events as they did trying to hurt mine they probably been much more successful.

My marriage was having issues as well.  Her sex drive went way down and she wasn’t even sleeping in the same bed as me.  We weren’t fighting at all and I still very much loved her it was just difficult she didn’t want me playing with others however she didn’t want much to do with me either.  That’s very hard when every weekend you have women propositioning you. 

I had begun writing original electronic music (DJ Dalamar if you like to stream any on your platform of choice.)  and was getting decent sized royalty checks.  Her parents offered to help us move up by them in Las Vegas and thought we could get jobs up there.  I had a family now and thought it was time I got a real job again and take care of them. 

So, we sold Green Door and off to Vegas we went.   

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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