Las Vegas Clubs Review

written by Troy Hamilton
10 · 11 · 21

I see around the interwebs people asking about Vegas lifestyle clubs.  I go often and finally got to check out a few.  I thought I would share my impressions of the ones I have frequented.  I’ll update this blog as I attend more.  

Whispers:  I just happened to meet one of the owners in a non-LS Vegas group, and we found out we were both in the LS business.  After dinner at Jean Gorge in Aria she took me to see her club. 

Whispers is located really close to the strip.  Between Silverton Casino and Aligent Stadium the Raiders play in.  It’s a smaller house but with a ton of different rooms, lots of parking and a very nice size pool.  This is the big draw of the club as every party is a pool party.  The host couple were very nice. I talked shop with the hubby while wifey did the usual hostess duties (Talking and flashing her tits) The hubby set up a DJ play set. I think he actually DJs on busier nights.  This was 4th of July about 11PM they were packed all day and things were beginning to wind down.  The music was good at a good volume to dance in the house or relax by the pool. 

I had a really nice time there.  We talked shop while watching fireworks from the strip as a couple of ladies performed oral hijinks next to us.  I need more business meetings like this.  I would classify the clientele as normal regular people with average looks and age.   I would for sure hang out here in the summer even if not playing. Just enjoy the eye candy around the pool.  They do not allow single men and cost fluctuates for a couple between 30-50.  BYOL you give up your bottle to the bartender upon arrival and she pours your drink for you. 

The biggest drawback I saw was the house for sure could use some TLC. I wouldn’t classify it as dirty by any means but I wouldn’t call it “nice” either.  Unique would be a good word for it.   The host couple that runs it does so for free.  With this many events and the size of the house it’s more than a full-time job.  It’s also my understanding there are some litigation issues.  The main owner doesn’t want to drop more money than necessary into the facility until he’s sure he’s going to be able to keep it open as a LS club.  He’s a doctor with multiple interests and as long as the club is profitable, he doesn’t put more into it then he has to.  So much potential here to be an amazing space.

Purrfect LV:  Wednesday night I checked out Purrfect LV. It’s in a hotel suite directly across from the new Virgin casino that used to be Hard Rock.  It markets itself as a higher end club for beautiful people and charges a more premium price.   My single male ticket was about 150 for a Wednesday night.  Events are sold out at 50 people. 

The suite the events are held in is very small.  I don’t think there are many people reading this that came to my old club that had the 2-story naughty room, but if you did this is very similar to that.  Except what was one section for us is their whole club.  They have the same issue I did as well in that those AC units are not designed to cool that space full of bodies.  So, it was very warm and very crowded with only about 15 people in there.  For comparison the Syn Naughty Room is a 1000 sq feet with another 400 on the patio.   The hotel website lists this suite at 700 sq feet.  So Syn cut it in half and doubled the cost. 

The hostess (Maddie I believe) was very beautiful and very nice.  She was very interactive and ran icebreaker games to get everyone to mingle.  We talked shop a bit.  She kept asking if I was planning to play.  I told her I wasn’t, I was just checking things out.  She asked so many times I asked her if she wanted me to leave if I wasn’t planning on participating.  She said no she just wanted to make sure not to send anyone my way if I wasn’t planning on playing as they had a few single ladies.  So, she is very active and not a passive host as well.  Gave me a tour at the beginning and was very friendly. 

I left as everyone started getting naked.  I didn’t want everyone to start playing and be that single male that’s just standing there.  While talking shop I was able to ask professionally if she ever took off her clothes.  She said no. If she said yes, I probably would have hung out to see as she was very attractive.

The clientele for the most part were the beautiful people.   At around 70.00 a couple if you are above average in looks and want someone on your level might be a good spot for you.   You might want to take the party elsewhere if you make a connection but all you need is one.  BYOL with no bartender.  They sell soda and water for 2.00 a bottle.

Red Rooster:  Rooster is the oldest LS club in Vegas.  Facility wise I really liked it.  Nice big clean house with a group room and a play room single males not allowed in.  Hot tub, lockers and such.  Like most places had a volunteer bartender that took your bottle and poured your drink from it.  They had a middle aged DJ playing typical middle age swinger songs (My neck, my back, Pony, Wasn’t Me) in a fashion that sounded like a car crash from one track to the other.  No line dances at all which surprised me.  The newest track he played was Tennessee Whisky other than that I did not hear any post 2005 tracks at all. 

While I didn’t care for the style of the decor everything was nice and they obviously put effort into it.  Price was a very reasonable 60.00 for a single male, but the club is quite a way from the Strip.  My main issue with Rooster is the staff.  The door guy took my money and didn’t care about anything after that, and the volunteer bartender wasn’t helpful either.  No welcome warm up, tour or rules rundown at all; they just take your money and release you into the wild.  They also had cheesy porn playing on the TV’s which just screams sleazy to me. 

Very diverse crowd.  All races were well represented here.  All couples with a few of us single dude sitting around not sure what to do.  Crowd wasn’t friendly at all though there was very little mingling.  I would classify the looks of the crowd as average to below average. 

DJ Train Wreck kept talking over the music about how the music stops at 1 so everyone better start hooking up.  I assume that means they close at 1 on Thursdays. 

With some sexy décor, helpful staff and a DJ that doesn’t sound like a trash compactor this place could really be amazing.   They are just riding the fumes of being well known in Vegas and not giving a lot of effort. 

Other clubs of note: 

Playhouse LV:  I actually got this one confused with Purfect LV.  I’m going to check it out when I can.

Green Door:  Everyone knows the Green Door.  I went there about 15 years back and was not impressed.  Hardly anyone really has anything nice to say about it.  I’ll check it out again eventually but for most part it seems to be a tourist trap.  Lots of single guys so might be an option for Hot Wives.

5150: Formally known as the Studios.  Hard to get info on this club.  Most everyone says some version of “Tranny friendly.” 

Overall, I was disappointed in the clubs in Vegas.  We are spoiled here in OK as we have some nice ones that I would consider better than what’s out there.   It also reiterates how hard it can be to go to a new place as a single male.  Much easier to mingle with an attractive lady at your side. 

Any Vegas Questions just ask.  I go every few months.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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