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Today’s topic is one I have been meaning to write since we started the blog section on the website.  I want to discuss the LGBT community and how it relates to Syn.  What our policies are and how we handle certain things.  If you disagree with anything feel free to chat with me anytime.  I am always open to conversation and different ideas.  As I hope you will see from reading this blog this is a complex issue and may not be as simple as it appears at first.  

First I want to apologize if I get any terminology wrong.  I don’t mean any disrespect, I’m just trying to communicate in a way everyone understands.  I understand this is a sensitive topic to many and I’m not trying to be disrespectful to anyone.  

The question I get most in this respect is how do we treat trans women and\or crossdressers at the door.  If you are “obviously” representing a woman you will be treated as such.   The part that always cracks me up about this is when we have a female that is obviously representing a more masuline or non binary role they are very quick to point out they are indeed female as such should not have to pay the higher male price.  

Second question is do we allow male on male play.  We do.  Things may have changed in the last few years but at one time we were the only non dungeon that allowed male on male play and we have over the years hosted Bimale nights.  Honestly you probably won’t see many of those again not because we are against it but because they just weren’t well populated.  Most of the people that came were regulars that didn’t even know what the theme was.   We had very little male on male play so they just ended up being regular Syn events with less people.  The people that would give some much lip service to wanting it didn’t come out and support it.  I talk on and off to Ms Eve about incorporating it more on her Fetish nights when we have them.  She is more in touch with that community and might be able to achieve what I couldn’t solo.  

Now for some of the  “issues”  we face in regards to LGBT dynamics.  The main thing people like to take a shot at us for is in regards to the door charge we do not recognize male couples.  You won’t be denied entry and your welcome to engage in male on male sex you will just pay 60 each at the door.  The reason for this is we get straight buds trying to act like they are a couple to get into the sex club.  Or MMF triads where the 2 dudes try and be a couple with the lady getting  in free.  If we allowed this we would be overrun with dudes in the club even more than we are now.  Too many dudes is a killer for a club like ours.  

Many will say the way around this would be to have the male couples “prove it.”  To me this is way more insulting than our current policy.  We don’t ask other couples to prove it.  I don’t want to be in the position of having to judge if you are “gay enough”  to earn one price or the other.  If you’re a dude you are paying 60  unless you bring a woman with you then you get a 20.00 discount.  Your sexual oritation is ilrelvant.  On the flip side lesbian couples are free.   

I will say it is humorous watching obviously straight guys back peddle when you tell them they have to suck a cock to get the discount.  

We have another issue that thankfully has only come up a few times.  If you are coming representing a woman we ask that you “obviously” be representing a woman.  I’ve had a few times a person do the bare minimum to represent a woman.  When this has happened “she”  has always been borderline overly aggressive to the ladies at the club.  

I do not want to be in the position where I have to make a decision on whether or not you represent enough feminine characteristics to warrant the female price.  Asking you to not have facial hair and wear traditional female clothing I don’t think is asking too much.  I want everyone to feel welcome  in a place they can be themselves.  Work with me here to create that environment.  

Finally every once in a while someone will give me a hard time about the gang bang nights.  For those that aren’t familiar we run a  variety of themes where the lady will somehow signal that she is taking on all comers.  Sometimes these are girl only events meaning she is only open to playing with other women.  For these events, by “woman”  we mean “vagina.”  

This is a sex club.  There comes a point where what you’re working with matters.  If a woman is on a bed expecting to interact with only women you can’t pop in with a penis and say “It’s ok I identify as a woman.”   Any event that is Bang, Train or Machine by “woman”  we mean “vagina.”  We don’t care if it was made by god or man, you just need to have aproperite plumbing to partake in these events.  

I know many are reading this and saying to simply charge men and women the same price.  That just doesn’t work when running a successful club.  Your local vanilla club most likely charges more for men than it does for women.  Syn has always been Female Focused our main goal is to give women a safe, clean place to play. We have lots of double standards when it comes to men and women.  Women will always be the more sought after gender in a club environment.  

Thankfully nothing we talked about has been a major issue for the most part.  A few times a year someone will give me a hard time about our policies but for most part everyone understands.  I truly want everyone to feel welcome and try to balance everything to reasonable measures.  

On a final note if we ever misgender you or ask you what gender you’re representing at the door please know we are not purposely being disrespectful.  We see all types of people and sometimes we make mistakes.  Just let us know.  If we all try to be a little more understanding the world is such a nicer place.  

Be safe everyone and hope to see you soon. 

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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