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written by Troy Hamilton
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Hey Synners I understand how daunting of an  idea it can be to come to a place like Syn as a single woman.  I wanted to talk a bit today about what it’s like, what you can expect and some advice to make it a memorable night.   

There has been a lot of success for Syn since it opened in 2014.  No matter how hot the party, how packed it is or how much money I make, the thing I am most proud of is how many women feel comfortable coming to Syn.  That speaks more than all the accolades and positive reviews.  

Syn is a female focused club.  By that I mean everything is designed with women first.  We have several double standards when it comes to women vs men and most of the themes are geared towards women.  I want Syn to be a safe space for women to fufill their fantasies.  Most the themes have that goal in mind.  

Ironically the most popular fantasy women have by far seems to be multiple men.  So by default of catering towards women we also become one of the more single male friendly clubs as well.   

Consent has to be at the heart of a place like Syn.  If you don’t have consent the whole thing falls apart.  You are actually less likely to be harassed at a place like Syn as opposed to a regular club because consent is such a big key.  It’s not unusual to get ladies that just want a safe place to dress sexy and dance.  

I’m not going to say we never have issues.  Most events as of this writing are 200-300 people that are drinking and jacked up on the sexual energy of the club.   Vast majority of the issues we have I would consider minor.   Someone touched and they were corrected either by the person or by staff.  After that they either act right or leave on their own.  Good single guys are a sought after commodity so we try to coach them up first and turn them into studs instead of throwing them out for a fairly minor infraction. I deal with these guys every day in some capacity of running Syn.  Most are not bad guys, just clueless.  If I immediately go to kick them out it’s because I had a bad vibe about them and was looking for a reason.  

The feedback I mainly get about most guys is actually the opposite.  Many of the ladies would like them to be a bit more forward in a gentlemanly way.  They want attention on some level.  They are there to play but they would like to flirt a bit first or they are literally splayed out naked on a  bed and guys are standing around with their hands in their pockets.  

We do have a more serious situation that comes up less often but more than I like it to.  That’s really what I want to address today.  

Every now and then I find out a lady had more happen than she was comfortable with. Almost every time the lady didn’t say no and had no description of who crossed the line.  Many times I don’t find out till days later.  These are very hard situations to manage because no was never said and I have no clue who the guys were to even try and coach them up.  So what I like to do today is try and help you ladies from ever getting in this situation in the first place. 

The first and most obvious advice I can give is to use your voice.  I understand many ladies and even men are timid, submissive or just not comfortable with conflict.  However if you can not say no you are going to have a harder time in the lifestyle than it needs to be.  We have a very good community that looks out for each other.  If you say no firmly and clearly even if they don’t respect it right off the bat someone else will check them.  

Understand and utilize the correct playrooms.  If you are not wanting to play with multiple people do not start playing in the group room.   Most of the ladies in there are wanting multiple men as I mentioned earlier.  If you start playing in there and have a hard time saying no you’re putting  yourself in a situation you don’t need to.  Every other room has rules against single guys even coming up and asking.  Utilize those rooms.  Some women want to be stripped naked and thrown to the wolves.  That is what the group room is for. 

Finally, talk to us.  If you haven’t met Tiffany yet she is my second in charge and is the one that mainly roams the floors checking on people.  She is the sweetest girl and also a 4 ‘9 Tasmanian devil.  She will straight up climb over dudes and check on you while you are being railed if she seanses something isn’t quite right.   We have a variety of ways to make sure your experience at Syn is memorable and pleasant.  You can talk to any staff member and we will probably introduce you to her and you will be in good hands.  

Even if you are on a date and uncomfortable with who you came with we can help make sure you can disengage and get home safe.  If you are having a hard time getting away to communicate, go use the restroom and message me from the website.  Give me as much info as you can and we will handle it.   Or come up and request a song whisper to me you’re not comfortable.  We will as discreetly as possible separate you so we can assess the situation.  

As long as you yourself are being reasonable you are a priority at Syn.  If you are the one being a toxic mess we will ask you to leave just  like we would any dude.  Any questions of course message me.  Hope to see you soon.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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  1. Love2Swap

    Nice write up, nothing is more important to the enjoyment of everyone then making sure that the ladies feel comfortable. If they do they can really make the party great, but if they aren’t feeling the vibe then it is unlikely anyone will be having a good time.


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