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written by Troy Hamilton
4 · 08 · 24

Hey Synners  I was going to make a blog that talks about the vibe and layout of Syn then decided to just make it a post where I talk about everything.  A one stop blog that answers all your questions regardless if you’re new  to Syn or completely fresh to the lifestyle.  

We’ve had some location issues these last few months.  I have a whole blog on that if you like the full story.  Short version is we moved into this location before we had a chance to make it real nice.  We are in the process of making it look better. It is not up to the standards I want but we are getting there.   However in the meantime it is clean and safe which is the important part.  

By Oklahoma law you can not charge at the door and advertise as BYOL.  Nor can we sell adult beverages at a LS event.  You can not have anything that is obviously alcoholic.  However, what is in your cup, bag or car is your business.  Please note if you are overly intoxicated you will not be allowed entry, asked to leave or asked to not return.  

To get the location for the first time you have to purchase a ticket online.  Please do not share the location with anyone.  During the  week it can take up to 24 hours before you get the location info.  On Saturdays I try to get it out in 30 mins.  If you can buy tickets online we are not sold out.  You can buy tickets as late as you like with the understanding we close at 2am.  When you buy a ticket we will have your name at the front door on the guest list. 

Unfortunately if you buy a ticket we can not refund or transfer to another night if you can’t show.  We used to do this and I try to be reasonable but it was a mess.  You only have to prepay once then you can start paying at the door.  We used to post the location right on the website but it was causing issues.  I try to make everything as reasonable and easy as I can for everyone but we also need to be safe and discreet.  This seems to be the best balance of everything.  

I manually send out the location.  If you did not receive the location information in a timely fashion feel free to message me. Message me from the website and I need the name your ticket was under.  Posting on social media is not the way to get a hold of me.  I can’t do much with a replay from “Thickcock2000”  . If you wait till 2am to tell me you never got the location I’m sorry but thank you for your donation.  If you are unable to come, know that your funds went to improvements and you now at least have the information. 


When you pull up it does not look like the location of a LS club.  That is by design.  We want to be low key and have a speakeasy vibe.  You should not know what is going on behind that door unless you are in the know.  

When you come in please check in with the front desk area.  There you will get a tour by one of the Syn ladies or if they are busy you’re stuck with me. The tour won’t be long as this is not a large location.   We have  a social side with bar style seating, couches and a dance floor.  A kitchen area where we provide soda, ice, cups and water.  Two unisex bathrooms and an outdoor smoking area.  We also have a selfie wall as well as cubby holes for you to store some things and hang some clothes.  

Of course the main event is the play rooms.  We have two the Brat Realignment Center and the main playroom.  This version of the brat room has an obedience chair as well as a spanking bench.  We do provide a few weapons of Ass Destruction but you are free to bring your own.   The main playroom has 4 beds, several couches and a St Andrews cross.  You can play anywhere in the club except the bathrooms.  As long as you are inside you can be in whatever state of dress you are comfortable in.  On the beds after play has finished, the staff pulls the sheet, sanitizes the bed and places a fresh sheet. You can ask for anything to be cleaned\sterilize before play commences.   

The mission statement for Syn is “A safe place for women to fulfill their fantasies.”  Everything is built around this premise.  There are lots of double standards in ladies favor.  For instance women are allowed to self love, but men are not.  The basic idea is as long as the ladies feel safe and are having fun, us men benefit.  

Ironically one of the biggest fantasies women have is multiple men.  So by being female focused we end up being single male friendly as well.  Single males are a whole controversial topic on their own.   The short version for this blog is the men that frequent Syn do not tend to be overly aggressive.  The “joke”  I make is they are harmless but clueless.  

Which brings me to consent and safety.  Any well run LS establishment will have strict consent guidelines in place.  If the ladies don’t feel safe and respected the whole thing falls apart.  The biggest thing I am proud of is how many solo ladies we get.  I am very proud of the fact that a single lady can have a place to fulfill her desires and feel safe about it.  When a lady can pop in, pick a couple of dudes, get spit roasted for an hour and peace out I feel like I am making the world a better place.  

I’m not going to say it never happens but serious consent violations are very rare.  We actually seem to have an opposite problem in that the ladies wish the men would be a little more forward.  The ladies are there to play but they don’t want to be the ones to chase.  They like a little attention first. When consent violations do happen the regulars usually call it out and correct the person.  If not we pull them to the side and coach them up.  Very rarely does it go past that.  We all have to learn and I remember what it’s like to have all the blood rush to the wrong head. We rather make it a teachable moment and help them be a quality Synner.    We run a lot of themes where you openly give consent while still being able to say no.  This helps facilitate things getting going.  

If you are not comfortable using your voice and saying no please let a staff member know and we help keep things at the level you’re comfortable with.  We don’t know unless you say something.  

The vibe for Syn is all about a club full of people fulfilling carnal desires with each other.  If you need privacy or don’t like a lot of people around you this is not the vibe for you.  I suggest you come, meet people and get a close hotel room.  If being in a club and a solo guy just standing there really bothers you this is also not the place for you.  

You should never feel pressure to participate.  If someone is being a bit too pushy with you just  let us know and we will coach them up a bit on proper protocol.  Please note if you are married to the person that is pushing you there is only so much we can do.  

There are all levels of play at Syn.  You can just watch, play with only each other or simply dress sexy and enjoy the attention.  There is all level of play, all ages, body types, race and sexual orientation.  

If you are there to watch, just be respectful. 

One of the most asked questions is dress code.  I tell the ladies that it’s “as little as possible.”  I’m only half joking.  Part of the appeal of a place like Syn is you can dress how you want and not feel uncomfortable.  What I really suggest is come comfortable for a dinner date and have the option to lose articles if you’re so inclined.  We have places to store clothes if you want to change or make your guy take it to the car.  If you’re wanting to explore the LS but you’re very nervous, wearing revealing clothing is usually a great first step.  

Guys dress decently, it’s not that hard.  In the colder months I prefer long sleeve button ups and jeans.  When that Oklahoma heat hits I’ll be in shorts and a decent shirt.  The big thing is just to be clean.  You want it in her mouth, the least you can do is wash it first.  

Men can walk around naked as well.  However just because you can don’t mean you should.  Again double standards we all prefer to see the ladies.  

Officially there is no vetting.  The basic premise of Syn is everyone is welcome as long as you act right.  We are not going to judge you by your looks and we don’t need a two page essay on what the LS means to you.  Just show up and be a good person. 

Unofficially there is vetting.  By reading this blog you passed the vetting.  If you message me and ask me basic questions like location, cost and if single males are allowed I’m going to at best ignore you.  If you can’t be bothered to read the front page of the website you are emailing me from I can’t be bothered to explain things to you.   If you bought a ticket and message me at 5am wondering why the front door is locked you failed the vetting.  You were so close though. 

Speaking of.  We are only open on Saturday unless the website says specifically different.  We keep experimenting with a Friday here and there but they will be listed on the main page.  

Doors open at 8 party starts at 9 and we Syn till 2am.  What that means is we open the doors at 8 for the early peeps.  Sometimes the music may be off or the lights still on at 8.  We will be fully ready by 9.  That does not mean at 9 all the women rip off their clothes and start having sex with you.  

I can not tell you when “things get going.”  Sometimes by 9 all the beds are full and sometimes everyone hangs out socializing and it’s 11 before a pair of boobs make an appearance.  If you show up at 8 and are mad you’re not having sex by 8:15 I rather you just not come.  

On that note I can not tell you how many will be there, what their age will be or whether or not they will like you.  It’s different every week.   Just relax and come out.  I can tell you we are never really slow and if it’s not your type of crowd come again it’ll be different.  If peoples ages, race and BMI is that important to you I’m fine with you not coming.  

Protection.  I get asked about STDs and such quite a bit.  Everyone that comes must be an adult.  As an adult your level of risk is up to you.  We do sell condoms for a dollar tip to the staff and if you click the link on the front page you can find information on how we pay for your testing.   

Legality.  Nothing we do is illegal.  What gets clubs like ours shutdown is usually fire code violations.  These past few months we have had zoning issues and that’s why we are at the location we are.  There is nothing going on that should get us shut down mid event.  

I think that covers almost everything.  If I  missed anything feel free to contact me.  Thank you everyone for your support and I appreciate you taking the time to read through all this.

Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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