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written by Troy Hamilton
1 · 04 · 23

My sub Tiff and I recently took a trip down to Cancun and stayed 3 nights at Desire Pearl.  Pearl is a clothing optional, all inclusive, lifestyle resort and I thought you all would like a review and some tips if you plan on taking the plunge.  Warning this is long.  

If looking for an All inclusive lifestyle resort you have a few options.  Hedo, Temptations resorts and Desire resorts.  I wanted a nice classy place with less of a spring break vibe.  All my research pointed towards Pearl.  If you are a frequent Synner Pearl will seem a bit tame.  If you are looking for a more sexualized or more of a party vibe there are probably better options for you.  

BOOKING:  I’m a Southwest guy and have a companion pass where my partner flies free, so I booked through Southwest’s website.  I got the rooms separately just like you would book any other hotel on the website.  You can book directly through the hotel’s website but I wanted the points.  The resort books up quickly and you need to make reservations months in advance.  I had the choice between the master suite and the Ocean View room.  My research showed the suite had two bathrooms so I went with that.  Total cost for 3 days was 2200 with the ocean view room being about 600 cheaper.  They didn’t charge my card anything at the time of booking.  I was charged half 30 days out and the other half upon arrival.  Flight was about 1K. This was basically the week of Christmas Dec 18-21st 2022.  I am looking to go back in June and the flight at least seems quite cheaper.  Transfer to and from the hotel I used the resort’s recommended service USA Transfers and booked directly through their website.  I upgraded to the VIP service but everyone says the regular service is just fine.  

TRAVEL:  I was a bit worried about traveling out of the country.  Only time I was out of the country you could just walk across the bridge at Niagara Falls into Canada.  Passports were really easy to get. You can make a reservation at the local post office and they basically walk you through it.  Right before our trip they stopped making anyone fill out paperwork on the plane, but apparently Southwest didn’t get the memo and asked us to do it anyway.  We landed breezed through everything and she didn’t even look at the paperwork.  The only hiccup was retrieving our checked bag.  We originally weren’t going to check a bag but we had a couple of large liquids we wanted to take so we decided to check a bag and bring some toys.   It took almost an hour for us to get our bag and they broke a wheel.  We will try to avoid doing that next time.  Time from Airport to the resort was about 30 mins.

LANGUAGE:  Everyone we encountered spoke some level of proficient english.  We passed an amazing looking water park on the way to the resort and I asked my driver if we would have an issue language wise going there.  He said not at all that almost everyone in Cancun spoke English well.  The only thing I noticed a bit is that they all seem to repeat a question they asked you earlier.  “This is your first time?”  “Yes, very nice, have you been here before?”  I am amazed at anyone that can speak two languages but was very odd to be asked a question back to back. 

RESORT:  So now the good part, the resort itself. As a business owner in the service industry I really appreciate when a place can just give you great service on a consistent basis.  Pearl does an amazing job with this.  Everyone is very friendly and are there to make sure you have a great vacation.   The resort is beautiful with a mix of traditional Mexican, luxury and sexiness.  I wanted many of the art pieces to be brought back to Syn.  Done is a sexy classy way.  Every place smelled great.  I saw the professional scenting machines they used and knew about what those cost to run.  They are putting real effort into your experience.   

CHECK IN:  The check in process takes a bit of time.  I assume this would be quicker if we were already familiar with how the resort worked.  At check in we got offered an upgrade to their Mansion.  Mansion is mainly reserved for guests who have bought in on the timeshare package.  Normally these rooms run for 3K a night.  I think she started off at 2K for the upgrade for all 3 nights and I negotiated to 1K for all 3 nights.  For a total of about 3K for all 3 nights.  

THE MANSION:  The Mansion is their high end accommodations.  It is a very private space with a butler, private playroom, lobby area, private swimming areas and restaurant.  Ours came with a Jacuzzi tub on the balcony.  You also get a free massage booking as well as a mani\pedi or styling service.  They have a fully stocked lobby bar that you just help yourself to.  One of the main benefits was you can make reservations at restaurants.  Normally they are first come first serve The Mansion area was calm and private.   If there was a group of us going and one of us was able to snag a mansion room it could be a lot of fun.  Otherwise pretty quiet.  

FOOD:  So all inclusive means all your food and drink are included in the price.  They do have some higher end liquor you can purchase for an upcharge.  I only saw an option to upcharge  on food one time.  There are 3 restaurants open to everyone and then the Mansion has its own restaurant as well.  Pearl is their nice restaurant and has a dress code of long pants and closed shoes for men.  Suki is their Asian style restaurant and Aphrodite is a bit of the catch all, casual, Breakfast\Lunch\Dinner.   The dinner menu for Aphrodite and Pearl changes every Monday and stays the same all week.  Very limited menus and very small portions but they have app, entrees and desserts.  Honestly our first couple of meals I was thinking the food wasn’t that good.  Monday when the menu changed it got a lot better.  We also started utilizing the Mansions restaurant for breakfast and lunch and the food there was better.  One meal I had was a filet and Tiff had a Salmon both of which were fantastic.  Suki the asian restaurant ended up being my actual favorite.  In our room we had a mini bar stocked with beer, wine, water, soda and snacks.  This was all included and restocked daily.  You could also ask for more\less of whatever you wanted.  The oddest thing that caught us a couple of times is “Mexico lunch” is after 1PM.  11:30-12:30 everything is shut down.  Our last day our butler knew what time our flight was and had the Mansion restaurant stay open just for us to make sure we ate before our flight.  

ENTERTAINMENT:  During the day they have things going on pool side for people to participate in.  We never really joined in though I would have liked to play volleyball, we just kept missing it.  They also do Yoga in the morning I would have attended but the one time I was ready a nasty storm swept through.  At night they have a show in their nightclub area.  They do a 30min act and then open the floor up to dancing.  Sunday night our first night the act was a bit cheesy but they got much better the other nights.  The music made me laugh a bit as it is the exact same ‘Lifestyle music’ I played for years when DJ’ing in LS Clubs.  I didn’t hear any new music at all and not nearly as much Latin music as I expected.  Basic top 40 affair.  Even the country music they played was the same stuff I used to play.  

TIMESHARE:  When you check in they will see if you want to schedule a timeshare pitch.  They don’t call it that but that’s what it is.  They offer you free massage or a discounted erotic massage for your time.  Normally I would say no but I was pretty intrigued.  I see people talking about being premier members all the time and no one really says it’s a bad deal.  

They schedule you a time and tell you to meet the rep in the Mansion lobby.   We waited in the lobby for a while before I thought it was probably the other building.  It’s more a business center than what I would call the lobby.  I think normally they take you on a tour of the Mansion first but since we were already there she took us straight to the offices.  The office is the restaurant Suki when it’s not open.  It’s a great place to pitch people as you are overlooking the ocean and a great view.  

I don’t know if people get different numbers and how flexible they are.  I’m not going to go into the whole pitch, but if you go once or twice a year it can be beneficial.  They start you off high obviously with the big plan.  Mine was 650 a month for the next 10 years.  That was a bit much for me. We got down to a smaller package of about 230 a month for 5 years.  I was close and if I wasn’t getting hungry I might have negotiated more.  We were there about an hour and when I said I was done she had no issues and didn’t pressure us.  I think they will pitch you every time so I might sign up next time if we start at a more reasonable point. It was our last full day. We had a beach bed and were getting hungry.  

SPA: We got two massages, the Erotic one at a discount for doing the timeshare as well as a normal couples massage for staying in the Mansion.  I also got a pedi and Tiff got a mani as part of the mansion package as well.  The mani\pedi were very basic, nothing much to say.  

The spa has a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.  As well as the locker room and I assume a shower I don’t remember.  They have a few toiletries but nothing like what a Vegas level spa would have.  I loved that it was actually coed.  Any members can use the basic facilities at any time they do not have to book a massage.  One day it was raining and a couple came in to soak in the jacuzzi while we were there.  Sitting in a jacuzzi chatting up a nice topless lady was exactly the type of experience I was wanting when I booked this.   The decor is neat and it feels very traditional Spanish there. The regular massage was nice.  I get massages a lot and it was a good solid couples massage.  They do the traditional massage where you are covered at all times and never exposed.  I thought that was a bit funny since we walked into the room butt naked.  

EROTIC MASSAGE:  So there isn’t a lot of info out there about the erotic massage. What info is out there is basically all that happens.  They ask you for the erotic massage what gender of therapist you want.  They did not ask for the regular massage.  We picked two ladies when they came and one of them was very attractive. I wouldn’t say the other was unattractive but was just a regular lady.   Tiff being the brat she is; immediately hopped on the hot girls table.   They start off tickling you with a feather for quite a while.  Pretty soon Tiff is over there moaning quite a bit.  We flip over and the hot girl is smiling and just going to town on Tiff manually manipulating her.  Mine was touching my area very briefly and not doing much.  They slide the tables together and basically throw Tiff on top of me and kinda “help” us play.  There is a jacuzzi in the room and a shower.  They leave and you can continue on or get in the jacuzzi.  The jacuzzi was our favorite part.  Even though we have one in our room we really enjoyed this time.  

Overall, I would say this is an experience you should try at least once but don’t have high expectations.  Especially getting it at a discount I would suggest.  To me they should either do it or not.  The ladies were wearing scrubs they could have something sexy on underneath for these appointments and regular stuff for the other appointments.  If you’re going to be grabbing genitals and manually manipulating it either do it or don’t.  If the girls were wearing sexy clothes, you could touch them and when they pushed the tables together you both would get a happy ending, this would be an amazing experience.  Maybe I got more of a prude as the girl was really into it with Tiff.  Maybe they just feel more comfortable with the women.  To me it felt half assed.  Not quite erotic and not quest relaxing.  Either do it or don’t to me. 

SEXY TIME:  There are two playrooms at the resort.  One is located just off their nightclub area and then the Mansions have their own.  Both have plenty of towels and bottle water provided and the mansion one includes a shower\bathroom and St Andrews cross.  Both had about 3 bed like areas with nice heavy curtains you can pull between the beds or open up.  The mansion area had two TV’s with porn on very loudly.  The one time we played in there I found the remotes and turned down the TVs.  There is no attendant, security or anything like that.  People don’t seem to use the playrooms very much.  We did walk in one time while it was in use but that was mainly a group that decided to all get together and use it.  We followed their lead and brought a  bluetooth speaker with us when we did play as there is no music in the mansion playroom though the disco playroom you would obviously hear the music from the club.  It is nothing like Syn so don’t go expecting it to be packed with people playing.  Ironically they call their play rooms “Sin rooms.”  

Tiff wanted to be tied up to the cross but was too little for it.  I had brought some restraints and was able to make it work.  I knew as soon as I saw the cross she was going to break it.  Originally I was saying no because I knew she would break it.   Earlier in our trip I broke a tray spanking her with it and no one cared so I eventually said ok.   We got about 15 mins before she ripped the strap off the wall.  I think it’s made more for looks than anything serious.  

After the nightclub everyone goes to the jacuzzi area.  It’s basically a swimming pool that’s heated a bit more than a normal pool.  They have a bar there and I believe it’s open till 4am.  (There is also a lobby bar that is 24 hours)  The jacuzzi area is a bit more walled off  and private.  They have beds around the pool and cubbies to store whatever you brought.  Lots of towels and attendants.  Technically you are only supposed to play in the Jacuzzi area, playrooms and in your rooms.  We got a beach side bed one day and played a little but for most part we didn’t see any play anywhere but these areas.  

There was some play in the jacuzzi area while we were there.  Mainly on the beds surrounding the pool.  They would also sometimes put the girls on the bar top for a little oral service.  We were probably a bit more active than most there and enjoyed putting on a show.  Again nothing like Syn however we were only there for 3 days.  If Syn has been your main lifestyle experience you kind of jump in at the deep end as far as sexuality goes.  

NUDITY:  I was a bit irritated when I got there as it was almost 24 hours before I finally saw boobs.  It’s clothing optional in the whole resort except the main lobby and the restaurants.  However people really didn’t seem to walk around naked with the exception of the pool area.  There EVERYONE was naked.  Our last day a couple that just got there was in the common area with her topless.   It may get more wild on the weekend.  At the nightclub in the evenings you saw typical lifestyle club attire.  

Overall we loved it.  Tiff loves being naked and I wanted somewhere to relax and enjoy the view.  The staff and the patrons were all amazing and very friendly.  It might be a bit tame if you are used to Syn but there may be more of that style of play and we just didn’t see it.  We weren’t there to play with others so we didn’t pursue it.  At no time did anyone get close to misbehaving or aggressive.  Wonderful place and we can’t wait to go back.  

If you are going to book directly through the website feel to use this link it does help us out.   We plan on going in the middle of June 2023 and most Synners are welcome to join us.  We are going to try and take our GF with us next time.  My understanding is they do allow triads but you have to get permission first.  

Any questions feel free to ask.  

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Troy Hamilton

I'm Troy, the owner of Syn.

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